“This is Penny, she’s 11 weeks old and been exploring the forests of Vancouver Island since 7 weeks old.” -Ryan C.


Prince William Griffon, King of Petflix & Chill

PWG’s rocking a Primo Example of one of our newer Rules: “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” “He’s not mine, but my heart is about to burst through my chest wall at the cute. My God LOOK AT THAT FACE.” -Lori B.



Say hi to The Floof That Is Gustave. (He’s a ResQte, too- YAY! And do we detect just the sliiiiightest hint of a Baroo?) (Reddit.)

ResQte Of The Week 4: Foster Freddie

Becky S. writes us from Big D.: “I am a huge C.O. fan and check the site daily!! We would love to have some exposure for our foster dog Freddy :). He comes to us through Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue-an amazing dog rescue in Dallas, TX.”

fred hftu
“We capture hard to reach street dogs and allow them to transform into loving family members through our dedicated team of fosters! Fred’s a special guy, always bright eyed and bushy tailed.”

fred sleeping
“He loves bubbles and all things flying, playing with our rescue dog Fern, and keeping the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits in check. Doesn’t he have the most precious face? More Instagram shots here.”

freddy bubbles

(Sing-Song-y:) “♬ SOMEbody Went To The Groomer…♫”

“This is my Radar’s before & after at the groomer,” writes Amanda S.

Looks Like Someone Needed A Time Out

[OK, I’m sorry I chased the Cat. And..sorry I got into the Christmas wrapping. And the peanut butter- though you shouldn’t leave it on the coffee table where my Stubbulars can get to it. And..sorry about the mess I made in- sorry? What mess? Um, er, you mean you haven’t found i- never mind. Forget it. Can I come out now?]

(From the Awwww! Cute! Tumblr.)