Watch as a paddle boarder gets THIS close to flat-out the largest and most graceful animal in the world.

(Boing! Boing!!!!!!)

‘Tocktober: Whale ‘Tocks. Yes, You Read That Right.

tonga-whales-584“Do Whales have ‘Tocks? If so, here is a photo of not one, but TWO whale ‘Tocks! (Photo taken by me in Tonga.) -Gina S.

[*Note- we have a return email in to Gina to find how why she is so nuts to be this close to whales WHY SHE WAS SO FREAKIN’ CLOSE TO GI-NORMOUS WHALES. If we get deets, we’ll pass ‘em on. -Ed.]

[Update from Gina: “To date now we’ve taken two trips to Tonga to swim with the humpback whales. It is one of two places in the world where you are allowed to be in the water with the whales. This was a male and female, and our group had the good fortune to spend two full hours in the water with them, watching their courting behaviour. It was an awesome experience (in that it inspired awe!), and something I will never forget. P.S. Whales are HUGE!”

Have A Whale Tail…In Your Face

So you’re just havin’ yourself a little kayak float in Monterey Bay. Oh, look. A nice whale. And hmmm, he’s comin’ pretty close and OH HE’S RIGHT UNDER US! (Er, haven’t we been here before?) [Note: a bit o’ mild NSFW language. -Ed.]


Mom Taxi XXX: “You Hoomins Need A Lift?”

So there ya are, just kayaking off the Argentinian coast, and minding your own biz. Oh, look. A nice whale. And hmmm, he’s comin’ pretty close and OH HE’S RIGHT UNDER US AND OH HE IS LIFTING US IN THE AIR.

(Ran the YT text thru the Bing translator and got: “A later incredible, lots of sunshine, kayaking and whale. While we watched from above the kayak, one of the whales if it turned and came to our address and we lifted the boat twice!”)

From The Squid.

One Whale Of A Video (Part 2)

OK, so there are two videos in this post. Anyway, we started the week with this fantastic video of a Mama Humpback Whale and her bebeh. Now we wrap up the week with these Close Encounters Of The Whale Kind. So check this out. Curious George The Humpback decides to get up close and personal with some guys in a fishing boat.

And then, this whale decides to give a girl a high five. Or a high…fin.

First video submitted by Wendy M. Second video seen on DP&F.

One Whale Of A Video

Q: What can match the regal elegance of one of the largest creatures on the planet?
A: Not a heckuva lot.

A Phantom quadrocopter was mounted with a GoPro camera to get this amazing video of a mother Humpback and her young calf off the Maui coast last week, as seen on The Here’s a site out of Puako, Hawaii that lets you listen to live Humpback Whalesong, right now!

Just…wow. From Susan M.


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