Armand The Cockatiel & Billy Idol: Seppy At Boith?

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“I have been a fan of your site for years and finally have a friend Cute enough for a submission. Armand is a Lutino Cockatiel who is 9 months old and loves glam rock. This is a photo of her doing her best Billy Idol impression. (Or is Billy Idol doing his best Cockatiel impression?)” – Hayley H.

Please Pass The Salt -N-Pepa

Let’s flashback to the MTV 1980s, shall we? (If you weren’t born yet, just bear with us older farts.) This one’s c/o T.O. and blends the tune “Push It” with some Adorable Animuhl Antics. Are we ready? Hit it!

And while we’re having them do our work for us at it, let’s keep the beat moving n’ check out this French Bulldog Dance Party. WHAT.

He’s A Maniac, Maniac On The Floor…

Kermit, ya gotta cut back on the Red Bull® for breakfast, dude…that stuff will get you wound UP! By 10am, you are gonna be offline, pal.

“Gettin’ the Zoomies” indeed, DP&F.

Rock Me, Amadeus

“This is Wolfgang Amadeus, aka Wolfie, my new puppy at 13 weeks old. Tiny guy looks like an owl!” -Taken by Sheila F.

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