Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

So a fellow named Michael Duffy went to sleep Saturday night in his 41-foot sloop Elixir docked at the San Diego Yacht Club. Around 2:30 Sunday morning, someone- or something- woke him up. He rolled back over, went back to sleep.

Then he woke up again at 6am.

Hey there, little buddy.

“Saw this in my local paper, only in SoCal!” -A.J.

UPDATE: In Other Blorp News, this fellow found his very own surfboard. He’s keeping it.


Nixon NOW

I think it can be unequivocally stated for the record, that this puppeh is NOT a crook.

“Hi there! Here’s a picture of our adorable corgi, his name is Nixon and you can follow him on Instagram!” -Francesca J.

Chico IS The Man 2.0

“This is Chico enjoying a sunbeam. I think his nose looks like a delectable pink berry. I took this photo.” -Julie H.

Hot Town, Summer In The City

It’s summertime in Nara, Japan. What do you do to cool off? Well, you plop right down in the street, naturally.

RocketNews 24 says “this is a regular occurrence in late July, with the deer strolling out of the park to ‘enjoy the coolness of the street.'”


From Andrew Y., who still never sleeps. Music by The Lovin’ Spoonful, man.

Rule of Cuteness #50: Chico IS The Man

“This is Chico displaying Rule of Cuteness #50– (If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute.) I feel like he’s having a Zoolander moment – this is one of his best “Blue Steel” looks.
I took this picture. I would say that Chico is my dog, but I think we all know the truth – I am his human.”