24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 11:59pm PT

It’s 11:59pm PT, and we’re wrapping up ‘Tocktober 1st’s 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks! Many thanks to everyone who sent some ‘Tocks in! There’s still 30 days left in the month of ‘Tocktober, so feel free to send ’em our way– we personally peruse ALL ‘Tocks. Like Chloe Bear here, from Nikki & Steve!

Cute Overload’s 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks was powered by several helpings of Dannon® Light & Fit® Caramel Macchiato Greek Nonfat Yogurt, and a jug or two of Trop 50 OJ. And maybe a few Pumpkin Spice Halloween Oreos. (Although it seems Target WILL NOT HAVE their exclusive Candy Corn ones this year?! Wrote ’em, 0 response. #Bummedout.)

Now back to our regular programming!


24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 10:30pm PT

Is this Charlie an Angel? Absolutely! Tell us, Katelyn R. “This is my pup Charlie. She likes to look out the window while sitting on the back of the couch. Took the picture myself!”

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 9:00pm PT

Only a few hours to go in our 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks, and we get our second Guinea Peegster of the day! “For ‘Tocktober, I HAD to send my Piggy’s Pictures! Desiree loves to show her Pert ‘Tocks – as evidenced by the many pictures of her ‘Tocks I have in my collection. Keep up the good work, I adore your website!” -Melina.

[*Note- Must make a mention of those Beans too. -Ed.]

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 8:15pm PT

Sometimes..you have to HIDE your ‘Tocks. (It’s just that in THIS case- they need to be, uh, the other way around, right Janey? “This is Violet who owns me body and soul. Violet is fearless until it’s time for her meds. Poor baby, I think she has more allergies then I do.”


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:11pm PT

“For ‘Tocktober here’s a picture of my youngest cat, Jesper, doing his “chicken legs” (the lovely people of the organization from whom I adopted him gave the pose that name.) Also, those Beans are completely nommable, are they not? He also tends to bite his own toenails.” -Mirkka B.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 6:26pm PT

We’re in the home stretch of the 2014 Edition of “24 Hours Of ‘Tocks!” And look at the little Princess we have this hour!

“Here’s Princess The Rat Terrier, holding the couch down. I think she has the cutest little tush.” -Tiffany B.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 5:29pm PT

Ever felt like you were just…Too Pooped To Pop*? Gracie can relate! (See below.)

“Attached is a photo of Gracie’s little ‘Tocks during her first outing to the Blue Rose Cafe in Charleston, SC. She was one POP* (Pooped Out Puppy) and just fell asleep in the middle of everything. Forgot how little she was.” – Sue G., Charleston, SC.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 4:04pm PT

“My Bella’s Big Butt. 🙂 She’s my 7-yr-old chihuahua mix. She’s very lazy and loves to nap on laps, especially soft, blankety ones!” -Alexia, Ottawa, Canada.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 3:30pm PT

What could POSSIBLY be better this hour than one set of ‘Tocks? Well, two sets, naturally.

“My son Regan and his wife have two dogs- a one year old named Quirky (L) and a three year old rescue named Snowy (R.) The dogs love to watch out the front window of the apartment for their mom and dad to come home! Quirky has calmed down a bit since they adopted Snowy, and Snowy has come out of his shell in the short time he has been living with them- thanks to the playful Quirky!” -Karen K.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 2:04pm PT

These are without a doubt the largest ‘Tocks we’re going to see today. And GET A LOOK AT THAT LIL’ BEBEH WAAAY DOWN BELOW #REDONK.

Image from ZooBorns, spotted by Smedley.

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