Wombat Wednesday (Christmas Edition)

And now……..for something completely different.

(Image from Bat**** Crazy News.)


Wombat Wednesday: Time For Your Morning Meelk

Boy, doesn’t take much to knock this guy out, does it?

Wombat Wednesday: Git Yer Own, Mate

[I’m tellin’ ya, I’m usually a right fine amiable bloke, but when it comes to my Brekkie Veggies, I get kinda touchy when an Iggy tries to nose in, get me?] (Flickr.)

It’s Wombat Wednesday!

Don’t you wish you had someone to haul you around all day, like Denis here? Hey hey hey- it’s Wombat Wednesday!

(Image from Flickr.)

Spend Wombat Wednesday With Winnie!

It looks as though Winnie would like to spend the day cuddling in her blankee. Care to join her? (Flickr.)

Wombat Wednesday!

This Encore Presentaysh hasn’t surfaced for awhile- and it’s THE perfect way to kick off Wombat Wednesday, mates! (Guaranteed to be the best :04 seconds of the day for ya.)



Wombat Wednesday With Robert Irwin

Crickey. Let’s go way Down Undah for today’s edition of Wombat Wednesday, hosted by Crocodile Hunter Mini-Me v2.0, Robert Irwin.

Digger’s Wombat Wednesday

“To add to your stock of Wombat photos, here’s a “Sack O’ Wombat” from Tasmania. This is Digger, an orphaned wombat being raised at the Bonorong Animal Sanctuary outside of Hobart. We got a behind-the-scenes tour of the sanctuary and got to hold Digger as he was waking up. He was shy when he was sleepy, though when our guide took us back into his enclosure later, when he was more awake, he was ‘quite grumpy,’ as our guide put it.”

“He charged us, bit my leg, and went after my boyfriend’s… let’s say, sensitive area (though fortunately he only got a mouthful of fabric). (That’s the photo below — yes, my boyfriend kept taking pictures as Digger went for his special area.)” -Megan.


Welcome To Wombat Wednesday

We’ve got a whole LOT of Wombat for ya today! Look at this massive furball mowing the lawn!

White Wombat Wednesday

Sing it! “It’s a nice day for a…White Wombat…..”


“Ceduna’s Lucia Franks with Polar the Rare White Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat at the Ceduna Wombat and Fauna Rescue Centre. Picture: Andrew Brooks.” (News.com.au.) From Karen (“Paws up! XOXO”) F.