Site of the Week – San Francisco Chronicle, August 2009
RT @clessf Sites like are why I spend all day online. so cute i just wanna punch sthg… like the ppl who created it (@CuteOverload) – Twitter, August 2009
Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs – Income Diary, May 2009
2009 Webby Awards Official Honoree Blog – Culture/Personal – April 2009resource_off_honoree_12
2009 Bloggies Award Winner Best Topical Blog – March 2009 picture-10
2008 Weblog Award Winner Best Pet Blog – January 2009 2008winner
Chicago Tribune “The Cute Surge—The proliferation of cute on the Web” – January 2009 chicago-logo-copy
USA Today article “Web escapes keep us sane” – November 2008 images
The Martha Stewart Show: Blogging Episode – Featured, September 2008martha_show2
A Small Empire Built on Cuddly and Fuzzy Branches Out From the Web – Print and digital article by Dan Mitchell, New York Times, August 2008
New York Times
Air Out Your Bookmarks – “Need a quick pick-me-up? Cute Overload” -Article by Dan Miller, MacWorld, August 2008

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“The world’s leading authority on cuteness” – (A hometown paper!) The Stanford Daily “Dirty Cal Student”, Get Some Cute Into Your Life, November 2007

The Stanford Daily

Best Animal Blogger, Best Entertainment Blog and Best Blog of All Time! – 2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards, October 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

“The Fuzziest, Nicest Blog on the Planet” – “Puppies! Kitties! It’s Cute Overload” CBS News August 2007

CBS News

“Crack-like” – Wired “Underwire” blog, May 2007

Wired Underwire

“Snorgle, Redonkulous and ‘Tocks” – ‘Snorgle’ and other C.O. terms, Slang of the Week, SlangCity, April 2007

Slang City

Best American Weblog 2007 -2007 Bloggies, march 2007

Best American Weblog - 2007 Bloggies

“If you don’t love it, you don’t have a heart.” site of the day, january 2007

“Confessions of a Cute-Addict” -hallmark magazine article, january 2007


“Because sometimes in this cold, cold world, you need a little (or a lot of) cuteness.” -the top 100 of 2006, Canadian broadcasting corporation, december 2006

Best Photo Blog, 2006 -the 2006 weblog awards, december 2006

The Weblog Awards 2006

“Why do we go ga-ga for cuteness?” -Jeanne moos ;), cnn cuteporter, december 2006


“You have not truly experienced Cute Overload until it has become a ritual. I dare you.” -Fimoculous, best blogs of 2006 that you (maybe) aren’t reading, december 2006


“Adorablility down to a science…” -bust magazine article on, OCTOBER 2006

Bust Magazine

“Best of the Web” -best of the web forbes directory, week of october 5 2006, OCTOBER 2006

Best of the Web Forbes Directory

Jeanne Moos reports from the Webby’s -Webby coverage, may 2006

“#1 on The Must List” -Entertainment Weekly, May, 2006

Entertainment Weekly

People’s Voice 2006 Webby Award Winner! -for best blog, cultural, may, 2006

People's Voice 2006 Webby Award Winner

“This is not your Mom’s cute.” -Time magazine article, April 2006, by Ana Marie Cox


“CUTEST WEBSITE EVER DISCOVERED!!! OMG!!! PON1ES!!!” -slashdotted! Their entire site turned pink for april fools day 🙂

“Are Puppies the New Prozac?” -“Animal Rites / Canine Cultures Goes Over the Top” san francisco chronicle, april 2006

San Francisco Chronicle

Bloggie 2006 Nominee -In four categories, including best overall blog 2006, Best American Blog, best topical blog and best new blog., march 2006

Bloggie 2006 Nominee

“One, two, three …ahhhhh” -The London Times, FEBRUARY 2006

The London Times

“…Teeny-weeny furry animals means you’ll never be sad again.” “ Five Blogs to Check out” -New York Magazine, February 2006

New York Magazine

“Does Cuteness Count?” and CNN tv feature, JANUARY 2006 and CNN tv

“The Gold Standard of Cute”, december 2005

“Visiting it is like taking a happy pill.”, December 2005