CNN Reports! Animal celebrities of Japan!

Doo day too too too too too [news-coming-over-the-wire-sound] CNN reports! Animal celebrities of Japan! Oh and, how nice of CNN to mention us too:

America is no stranger to cute animal culture. Memes featuring lolcats have been popular since 2006, Cute Overload spearheaded the cute animal blog movement in a huge way years back, and a cleverly shaved Pomeranian named Boo has more than 3 million fans on Facebook.

See the entire article here.

And without further adooooo; my TOP THREE Japanese animal celebs IN ORDER! HAI!





It’s possible—possums can indeed be cute

Whether possums are cute or not has been a raging debate at C.O. for years. Scientific Polls have shown that indeed they can be cute, if the lighting is right and teeth gnashing is kept to a minimum. Lil’ possum named Ratatouille is more proof on the pro-possum side. Check the shredding action:

Something’s Fishy Here

Hello! You are hearing me talking to you. I am Professor Phish. Just call me Doc. You must go to the pet supply store. The door will open up. Walk in. You will be guided to a little treasure chest. Pay no attention to the little castle, no matter what the other fish there tell you! I must have the treasure chest! Only you can do this. See you soon.

Bobo the fish is making quite a spectacle of himself, Trish W.

Built for Comfort, Not for Speed

Koalas are usually slow-moving creatures, but every now and then you find one who really likes to floor it. GANGWAY!

Friday Haiku: This is My Floor

Years I polished floors

Started with linoleum

It was a dream job

My career took off

I advanced into hardwoods

Could start a franchise

Then it all ended

Because they got a Roomba

Job went belly up

Elizabeth H., says she has tons of photos of Nikki lounging in his favorite position!

THIS JUST IN: Piglet Checks In

A hotel in Honolulu got an unusual guest last week: A lost and lonely piglet named Pukalani. According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, Pukalani just wandered into the hotel lobby, but nobody knows how she got there. Since she’ll grow pretty big, the Humane Society hopes to find her a foster home with lots of space.

Just steer me clear of the luau, that's all I ask.
Photo credit: Hawaiian Humane Society. Story by

I Heart the Womens

Celebrate the women in your life, March 8th International Women’s Day!

Here’s some more of this tufty eared sqirrely

We honor you and all the ladies today, Anttu K.

Ready for Your Dance Lesson?

Madame Bunnianka will teach you bubble boogie. First, we shampoo shuffle. Next, we shimmy-shake. Then, we’re ready for celebratory towel tango. And, we end with funky binky!

Bustin’ out the bunny moves with Ant.

Nothin’ To See Here, Fella

So, just move on along.

What’s behind the green shrub, Rachel?

And Monkey Makes Three

Judging from this video, monkeys are just kittens with the optional deluxe gripping and climbing package. (Dogs, of course, are just perpetually befuddled.)


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