Chintz Intervention

No more chintz for you! I’m taking the car keys away!

“”I found your keys, can we go for a walk now?” Our puppy Willow. Thanks.” -Barney


Corgi ‘Tocks UP!

He huffs, he puffs, he stumbles, he fumbles- will Mr. Waddles ever get outta his tent?

As seen on MSN Now. Posted by TheYuusou.

I’m Just A Love Machine

C’mon, ya know you’d like to have some of this action! Sure, I’ve gained a little weight- but you’re lookin’ at the Round Mound of Pounds!

As spotted on the CO Twitter, c/o @PausePaz.

Let’s Make Today Bunday, Too!

Why not? LOOK at this video. Who cares that it’s a commercial for some hotel chain- these guys will melt you into a warm puddle of goo. PLOP.

SUGIMOTO UPDATE! There’s a “Behind the Scenes” clip, too.

Sent in by Grace W. and a few other Cuteporters! [Memo to self: talk to M about making Monday an extra Bunday.]

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’…

“My sister is in Borneo and sent me this picture” reports one Redditer. Lyrics by B.J. Thomas. Suggestion by Smedley.

Hey Cops! Over (Quack) Here!

Look at this! Mama Duck’s little bebeh ducksters got…stuckster. (Sorry.) But the police are there to lend a hand!

Video posted on The Tube by Mohdrifuutube, and spotted on Buzz.

The Healing Power Of Stuffies

An orphaned bebeh foal has found comfort with its very own teddeh bear.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! FAVE FRAME!


Need A Lift, Little Dude?

What do you do when a bebeh sea lion hops on board your boat? Well, you cuddle him, naturally.

Video from JR Gilkinson’s Tube. Photo from CBS2, Los Angeles.

Sweet Tweets

When there’s apples being offered, Lorikeets are very patient, polite and proper.

But there’s always one who wants to get a head.

“Here are some pictures of me feeding some lorikeets with an apple on my balcony. They are all lined up, and waiting their turn patiently. One even sat on my head.” -Risha S.

You Mean It’s A Computer, Too?

I didn’t even KNOW that! It keeps ma ‘Tocks nice ‘n’ cozy, I’ll tell ya.

From Reddit.