I am so happy to see you, and I love you, and I could just eat! you! up!

You probably shouldn’t make your niece wear Milk-Bone PJs, Sonia Z.

Sunday Wrap-Up: MeMe the Internet meme

The most popular post of the week was checking in on MeMe, the Japanese* kitten star with his own books, DVDs, shirts, pillows, mugs, you name it! Apparently, MeMe is an Exotic Shorthair [Smooshicus Facicus] and has managed to entrance beellions of peoples.

*Natch. Oh, and more pics, like MeMe bath time here.

Yoga Bear

Heeeeey Boo-Boo! Am I doing this Pic-a-nic Basket Pose right?

You’re smarter than the average Sender-Inner, Roberto R.

Oh sure, just make yourself comfortabuhls

This lil’ Horse Designed By Committee at the Milwaukee County Zoo is named “Furlow”. He likes to “romp in the outdoor yard, and usually tires himself out enough that he has to lay down and rest—often times alongside his dad.”

Sent in by Designer Lauren H.

Cute or Sad? The Corgi edishe




Kim S. says Sookie the pup isn’t really sad, she just looks that way…


Check this mini snake-necked turtle out, he’s getting all Gary Coleman on yer asses:

But then you realize there’s nothing to worry about because HE’S THE SIZE OF A QUARTER:

This anerable baby Snake-necked turtle is currently giving the Side Eye to other turtles at the Smithsonian. Diff’rent Strokes for Libbie H.

Hey Kids!

Q: What’s the smallest breed of goat?
A: The Nigerian Dwarf. He grows only 21 inches tall!

Q: What do they look like!?

3-Day old miniature behbeh goat action sent in by SuperNerd Sara H. Goatular factoids by Northrup.org.

Let’s check in on Maru…

Yep. Still a boxaholic. Getting worse, too.

Wow—he’s reeeally struggling.

Get thee to a Boxhab! See ALL of Maru’s trials and tribs over at I Am Maru! Sender Inner Marianne H. sent this one via volcanic ash cloud.

Get out the Stoat!


We’re honored to be nom-nom-nominated for a 2010 Webby Award!

This year, we’re in the fine company of a hilariously weird newcomer, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Until April 29th, expect us to ask for your vote approximately eight million times. Just click this link, fill out a painless registration, and cast your stoat! vote! Love you, mean it! DO EET!

Vote here: http://webby.aol.com/connections/weird

Beady-eyed, pink-tongued stoat voter courtesy of Sender-Inner Melody.

Life Episode 5: Toadular!

Our final episode of Life, People. The fantastic, mind-blowing series narrated by Sir Oprah “Tiny Tooooooooooooooads!” Attenborough is here. This episode is all about Tiny Toads, the size of postage stamps, who have perfect SUCTION CUP HANDS!

See more awesome Life video action here!


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