Dizzy Blonde


Bleach fumes!!!

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [thud]

Hedwig, the albino hedgehog, is very cutting hedge, Heather H.

What the Heck is That?! Part II

That is a dog.

What kind?

A really big kind.

Aw, like one of those puppies that got a little bigger than its owners expected?

Might as well milk it for all we can, Miriam.


Thanks to everyone who bought a Cute Overload 2012 Page-a-Day Calendar, we’ve sold out our stock at Amazon.com (but they can still sell you one from a third party)!

Looking for ideas for those torn-out pages? Get stylish like Carolyn G., who says “I have been taping up all the calendar pages on my wall. Here’s what it looks like so far. Sometimes I get so excited about putting up the next one that I tear it off before the day is even over.”

So, Tell Me About Yourself…

Really? You don’t say? Well, I’ll be, isn’t that interesting! How many penguins, did you say? Goodness, that’s a lot! And on a unicycle, no less! Mercy! But isn’t that illegal? Ah, I see… so is there a lot of money in that sort of thing? Gracious, I had no idea!

Image courtesy of our favorite partner National Geographic. Photo from The Great American Zoo Trip, in which photographer Joel Sartore and his 18-year-old son take portraits of as many endangered animals as possible.

Ding Dong!

Anybody home? I know you’re iiiiiin there! (sing song)

Alloo?! This is your wake up call!

Are you playing dead? (listens for heartbeat, checks pulse and breathing)

Obviously Dudley is ded from the Fergie-cute, Janet B.

Don’t Be Ridiculous

I did not get blown into you by a gust of wind. I just tweeted you by accident.

Sender-inner Krista L. says, “Hello, I live in Victoria, BC and we recently had a very windy day. While I was walking to work I was leaning against the wind, being whipped around by leaves and dust and my own hair. I felt something hit the side of my face and get tangled in my hair/hoody. I reached in my hair and pulled out what I thought was a piece of trash but turned out to be this guy. He was tired from the wind pushing him around so he’d thought he’d hitch a ride in my hair. I put him at the bottom of a tree root to give him a little break from the wind so he could get his strength back up.”

Know Your Exotic Plant Species!

The Pigtunia (porcius redonkulii) is a flowering plant commonly found near farmland. It can be recognized by its distinctive red flower, which releases a piglet in early spring.

Another quality link cultivated by Ant!

Tiny Dormouse Snores

The fine folks over at Boing Boing have reminded moi that the ever-snoozing and ever-prosh dormouse is hibernatin’ and therefore snoring up a storm these days. Will you please check out this redonk snoring action:

Did You Know™ that the dormouse sleep three quarters of the year in a nest? (That’s insta-dorabuhls). They weigh 15 to 30 grams, and they’re English, so you know when they talk, it’s absolutely charming.

First still image by Terry Whitaker, Dormice photographer extraordinaire. Second photo from Smart Images UK.

What the Heck is That?!

Yah, I think that’s Elsie’s boy Norman, the one that come out all funny-lookin’…

Nah, can’t be…

Well, what is it, then? Can you milk it?

Hmm, don’t think so…

Sure smells funny, whatever it is…

Excuse Me, Sonny,

On which aisle would I find the pot noodles? I have a coupon. I have to go buy 3 packs of pot noodles, …and then return them, because I’ll forget my coupon, making everyone wait in line behind me while I look for my coupon!

And there’s a half-off sale on creamed corn, Mickie and Chris!


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