Nothing says All Up In Your Bizzniss like outrageous ears…

extreme eyes, and a redonkulous nosey-nosicle!

Peeps, looks like we got a terminal case of Neighborhood Busybodyitis.

This cute-iful space invader is a Civet. Photo by Michelle Turton at the Newquay Zoo.

You’re staring at my legs, I know eet

[Distracted] Mmmmm. Grub worms.

Nice Kentish Plover ChickJohn&Fish.

C.O. Home Organization Tips

Always misplacing your kittens? Use a designated “kitten drawer” to keep them handy. Another time-saving tip from CuteLabs, makers of the chinchilla dispenser.

If I tune this bunneh’s head just right, I can hear Animal Planet!

Or the Kitty Channel… [Listens]

Perfect sound from Ademiromano.

Where Oh Where is Little Billy Bear?

Mom’s all: Where could Billy be?

Hmmm I wonder…

OK, get off my back.

Moms know everything, Ebitary.

Tops and Bottoms

As evidenced by the following pictures, it’s cute when you’re on the top or something is on top of you.

All hail (in order of appearance) BuzzFeed, Emily Rose and Love Meow, Extinction Bound, Animal Tracks and Gripweed.

If I Sit Still, I Can Get Tokyo On These.

We read you loud and clear, Benjamin.

Who’s wrapped around WHO’S finger?!

OK, OK, you got us, lil’ Marmoset. Photos by Bernd Settnik & Theo Heimann.


Like oh my God! I’m like – SO – awesome! For sure, I mean like, puh-lease! It’s just, like, duh! Like, come on! Like, I am so sure, right? Like, whatever! You know? Anyway!

And I’m like, totally bubbly, or something, and Poppy is like, something else!

Happy World Heffalump Day!

Today is World Elephant Day! How do we know thees?

William…..Shatner’s…..Twitter…says so. These prosh pachyderm’s come in all sizes, S, M, and L!

Appreciate the pic, Attack Of The Cute.


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