C.O. Dance Paaaaar-tay!

Oh, come on — you guys weren’t using those brain cells, anyway; it’s Friday. Now get up out of those chairs and dance, dance, dance!

Thank you, butterflize76!

Change your Qte every 6,000 Posts!

Attention, bloggers! When your odometer reaches 6,000 posts (like ours just did), it’s time for a tune-up! Install fresh cuteness, rotate those adjectives, and keep that “new blog” smell for miles and miles!

Tales from the Drypt

(cont’d from p. 47) against the smooth, curved surface of the unfamiliar location. Abandoning the escape for the moment, Pembroke surveyed the room. He was alone, he concluded — when suddenly he felt ice-cold fingers against his skin!

Water! Pembroke’s heart thundered in his chest as he scrabbled anew at the unyielding metal walls. He’d heard of this place; a chamber of horrors so ghastly, it was spoken of only in awestruck whispers — when spoken of at all.

A door opened and he went still. One of the dungeon acolytes entered, cradling a bottle of amber liquid. At that instant, Pembroke knew what was in store. It would be the worst agony anyone could bear — and live to tell of it. Its name was enough to chill his blood and send daggers of fire up his spine. This was… bathtime.

Photos by Krystin N. from the Bangor Humane Society (more like the Bangor Kitty-Tormenting Society, am I right or am I right?)

This Comes as No Surprise; Daryl Once Confused a Geoduck Clam and Giraffe

It’s nice to meet you too, Daryl, and I’ve delighted in your adorable story about “reeling” me in. And you seem like a nice fella, so it somewhat partially pains me to inform you:

I’m no swordfish.

An elephant shrew? No wonder Daryl’s confused, Justin B.

C.O. Exclusive: Rat Takes a Bath!

That’s right, peeps! Cute Overload scoops the competition once again, by bringing you this never-before-seen exclusive video footage of an adorable rat bathing in the sink that you won’t see anywhere else as long as you don’t leave this page!

Via Yahoo! News via CNN via Gawker via The Daily What via Arbroath via YouTube (HD available; Use only as directed; Batteries not included; Assembly required.)

Just Your Typical First Date Small Talk

“… oh, I totally agree: So-called ‘modern classical’ music is overrated. How about a kiss? I mean, sometimes I have to turn off the TV and the cell phone and just, you know, be. You wanna kiss? Running my own business, maybe traveling; that’s where I see myself in five years. So are we gonna kiss or what?”

You remember Marnie, don’t you?

If Rachel Zoe Styled the Junior Prom

“Listen, I get why you like the Gerbera Daisy. It’s adorably unoriginal and a perfectly safe choice. But if you want to shut. the. front. door, you’ll choose this guy. Because oh. mygod, he may be little, but this Pygmy Marmoset is major and would make the per-fect corsage.”

Yeah, the Pygmy Marmoset doesn’t seem too psyched about it either, Wesley K.

Kitty was Having a Serious Identity Crisis

Heeeeey, Brother Hermit Crab! Sorry I’ve been so absent; Auntie Squirrel was teaching me how to store nuts for winter.

He’s an adorable beaver, Marisa C. Photo by Mr. Beans.

Ohhh Nooo!

Mr. Bill didn’t know what was more disconcerting – the fact that Gumby had turned on him so horribly, or the realization that Gumby’s waxer really had his work cut out for him.

Mr. Bill should say goodbye to that appendix, Rebekah F.

Check the Feet Flail at 1:05

This miniscule 14-day old vegetarian chompster is eating his daily broccoli when he suddenly loses grip!

It’s brocc-slip-tastic:

Get a grip, Annie M.!


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