Bowl Weeble

Although someone seems to have taken the the phrase “puppy chow” a bit too literally, you’ll be bowled over by this chow puppy’s wobbly attempt to escape.

Maybe Name Her..Toni The Tiger?

The latest edition of The Norem Files comes to us from the San Francisco Zoo! We’ll let the Furrtographer explain.

“Last week I was invited to a media event for the SF Zoo’s new tiger cub. Her mom’s name is Leanne and they started venturing out of the lion house for the first time last week. It’s very exciting as there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers in the world and this is the first one at the zoo in five years.”



FUR_9485 (Medium)







Aw You Made Me INK

Sometimes The World Of QTE is quite tiny, indeed. Let’s take a look at the email sent by Shannon J.

“My pet octopus, Harry, surprised me this week….and had a bunch of teeny babies! I call them “Inklets” and they are the cutest little Blobby Cephalopods you have ever seen! Harry turned out to be a Harriet. [When Harry met…Harriet? -Ed] Her Inklets took over the tank!”









Jurassic Bark

Milo, don’t you know what happens when your jeep breaks down by the T-Rex pen? Didn’t you see the movie?

Sent in by Jillian T. See more of Milo on his YouTube page.

Not ALL Of Us Are TV Stars!

“That Gecko on the insurance commercial? Meh–NOT. EVEN. BRITISH! He’s from, Portland I think. Flies down FIRST CLASS to do the shoot, then back home! Meanwhile, yours truly is stuck in F L A rooting around for grubs. Or whatever it is we eat. #UNFAIR.”

Submitted by Cuteporter Jacquie W. “Here is a picture of a Wee Gecko I encountered on a trip to Key West a few years ago. He was sneaking around in our poolside cabin, and I scooped him up to take him outside. Please excuse the chipped manicure. :)”

This Post Has “Awwww-Factor” Rating Of 10+

No doubt about it. Wilson the Meerkat needed a mom. Kimi the Chihuahua happened to be having a phantom pregnancy.




Photos by John Aron/Newsteam. Discovered and sent in by Kelly B.

What’s New Pussycat?

Woaaahhh woaaahhh WOOOAAAHHH!

Fave Frame:
Spotted on YouTube by Jack B.

‘Cause baby, ain’t no light switch high enough

If you need light, call Minnie, no matter where you are, no matter how far.
Just call her, she’ll be there in a hurry, on that you can depend and never worry,

Fave Frame:

kibblenibble, you can always count on Minnie

Interspecies Snorgling 101

Class, today we’re going to discuss Interspecies Snorgling. It’s a very simple premise. One species takes it upon his or herself to snorgle another species. The video we’re about to see, sent in by Pilar V. is a textbook example. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz later.

PS from Pilar: “This is my sloth. Do you remember her? Prince, the sloth and Witch the cat? Prince loves cats. And we have a lot of cats.”

I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

Ow. Quittit.

Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.



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