Kokamo ‘n’ Monroe

Kokamo, a gorilla at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, gave birth to a baby named Monroe this past June:

Sender-Inner George M. took these gorgeous photos when Monroe was just over a month old. Hoverfacts via TheWorldWeShare.

Follow Your Nose

What makes you think I tell really big lies?

We have schnozz envy, Z.! Photo by Zlatko Unger

No claws NO CLAWS!!!

This poor little kitten was left orphaned after Momma got hit by a car but thanks to the power of the Internets is now delighting commenters everywhere with Got Milk jokes. Shown here at only one week old. Ahnnngh. [head tilt]

Cats ‘n’ Racks, The Kitten Edishe™ brought to you by Jenna B.

Da Bo$$

Snoop Catt kicks da big dogs upside da head, outta da house, off da porch and outta da ‘hood.

And looks good doin’ it.

Fo’ shizzle, Guyon M.

Soaking Up Labor Day

The pool is closed already but that did not deter this pup!

After a few laps it may be empty.

Next, Delilah would like to cool off with a shake, Cathryn V.

The Tiniest Ho

Friend of the site Sharon M. reminds us of the tiniest Ho story out of a New Hampshire Mini Horse Farm.

3 Days old in this pic, Einstein the mini ho stands near a giggling St. Bernard.

Einstein’s scale is insanely obvy when standing next to a traditionally-sized ho.

Einstein weighed just six pounds and 14-inches tall at birf.

Here he is IN ACTION!

Pint-sized Pinto facts and photos via Fox News.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Elizabeth V., you are a TRENDSETTER


I would not believe it unless I saws it with my own eyes, People. Will you please check out these anerabuhl sloths slurping each other:

Sender-Inner and photographer Halie says: “I managed to capture a really adorable moment between three baby sloths who were just reunited in their box after baby time (when we take them out for walks around the garden.)” OMG STOP IT.

Simon’s Cat (and Mouse)

THIS JUST IN: A new episode of Simon’s Cat where a persistent cat helps Simon finish his work.

Thanks to Sender-Inner Sara P.

Such Depth

1. You’re a suburban housewife who just discovered some undies in the warsh that AREN’T YOURS! Go!

2. You’re Jackie O, on a sunny day at the wheel of a Lincoln convertible. Go!

3. You’re a gunslinger surveying the Western hills for your dropped pack of cigarillos. Where are they!? Go!

You’re right, parrots CAN be cute, Shawna B.


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