Clive? Yo…Clive?

Clive gets an “A” in Relaxation 101.

photo 2
“We adopted Clive on June 15th from the Humane Society. After a long stay in a couple shelters, we think he is pretty happy! Just wanted to show him off to the world.” -Andrea H.


Cat Scratch Feevah!

H’lo Everybody, this is Cat Scratch, your Meow Mix Master deejay, in tha house to-day.

It’s a full on dance party comin’ at ya!


“I found this amazing turntable cat scratcher at a garage sale, and when I told them I was going to buy it for the no-kill shelter I volunteer for, they refused to take my money and made me take it for free. I decided to take some photos to show them how the kittens at the shelter enjoyed it. Here’s a link to the set on Flickr  in case you want to check out some of the others! The black kitten in these photos is named Squeakers, because every time the staff at the shelter picked him up, he squeaked!” – Andi M.

Aero & Milo Stick Together

Because, best friends stick by each other.

“Here are photos of my two furbabies – Aero (1.5 yr old black and white Border Collie/Corgi mix) and Milo (3 yr old hound mix). These photos are mind-blowing because before her brother came along a few months ago, Aero was terrified of dogs and would have a meltdown in the presence of another! They are supercute together. And, Milo brings up an important, missed, rule of cuteness. If you have rolls of extra skin that can be grabbed by the handful… it’s cute. Milo has spare skin on his head, under his chin, on his back… that lovable hound way!”  -Abigail

Nom Nom Bat

This isn’t a Lil’ Drac video, but eet’s close! Watch how this little Bat-Dude snarfs up dinner. (Turn up the speakers for the Nomming Sounds!) MMMMM, mealworms!

From Adam Cox.

OK Guys, Who Wants A Snack?

Anyone that wants a little munchie, get in here STAT!

Submitted by Azalea L.

As Seen At Trader EscarJoe’s

“This little guy was attached to the plastic wrap of a bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s. I got him off the wrapping and he instantly came out of his shell then proceeded to snail around my hand and my friend’s hand!” -Leigh Z. (Who also came up with the headline after some prompting!)


Tea Time With Maru

BRAND NEW VIDEO JUST IN via the Japan Intertubes. Maru plops down on his considerable haunches for some Matatabi tea (Tea for cat.) Catnip tea? Who knew?

The second Maru today! #Whythehecknot. Thanks Mugumogu.

BBC Kittehs On The Move!

Clipboard01Peeps, check this out. A BBC show programme has outfitted 50 kittehs with GPS tracker-cams to find out what they DO all day. Besides sleep & lick their paws. There’s a show called The Secret Life Of The Cat,’s UK-only. Ahem. This link, though, shows you quite a lot. Click a kitteh at the top of that page, and the kitteh video journey will pop up. More here.

UPDATE 1.0! Cuteporter Tony J. found the show on YouTube!

UPDATE 2.0! Cuteporters DC & Tony J. found another one! w00t!

Cam-tester Rosie wearing a cat-cam.


This is where cam-tester Phoebe goes in a 24-hour period in her Surrey UK neighborhood.

Cuteporter Trisha M. gets the CREDITO for thees one! Many thanks.

Morris De Voto Para La Alcaldía!

Vote Morris For Mayor, that is. It seems that Morris The Cat is running for mayor in the town of Xalapa, Mexico. He’s got his social media strategy working, with FB & Twitter accounts getting out the word. (Helps to speak Spanish if you’re gonna click those, FWIW.)

Morris’s platform, judging from this video, is to…knock things off the table. According to, Morris wants to “get the rats out,” -you can take that two ways- and “do what other politicians do, namely sleep and do nothing.”

Good luck to Big Mo!

THIS JUST IN: Giant Gentoo Penguin Terrorizes Tourists!

We’ve got confirmed reports of a huge Gentoo Penguin attacking tourists in Antarctica. This photo by Tim Fisher shows one poor soul literally being picked off like he was a snack. Which…he ended up becoming. More as this develops.

Spotted by Smedley on NatGeo.