Seventeen Dynamic Duos

There all sorts of reasons why things pair up. We have recently received a glut of awesome duos. We have compiled and organized some of them for your viewing and squeeing pleasure.

Parent and Child Duos: Bound together by blood and love and stuff.

One sided Duos: When one is an inanimate object.

Friendship Duos: Sisters and brothers from other mothers.

Duos of Convenience: Sometimes it’s handy to hook up.

Uncertain Duos: When the outcome is unknown.

Our thanks to (in order of appearance): Ajdin Samurai, Christof Stache, 1-Ace, JChip (puppy with stuffy and girl with dog),,, Skip, JGState 1 (grey kitty with tan dog and Cavalier with tortois), No Name, Pixdaus, Isleshocky, Attack of the Cute, Ajay Vichra, Picturedude and Artemis.

They’ve Got A Dumb Blue Thing On, Too!

At least I’m not the only one wearing this blue thing. He looks just as goofy as I do. I mean, going to the vet was bad enough. And now this. Good grief.

We love Kodi The Kitteh, ShortyTheCat2010!

David Leemur Roth

…rock star of Madagascar, might as well jump.

He’s all, “Look upon me, Earth dwellers!”, Skip

Wait for It!

String, string
Pendulum swing

Pre paw swats
Deep thoughts

Of physics
Eyes fixed

Coming back
Attack! Attack!

Brilliant, Sunsucks!

Got Another Quarter?

Descending Space Invaders alien! Do not let it land on you! Avoid de-feet! And random laser beams.

Game Over, Photoszz

Best Minute Twenty You’ll Spend Today

Without question, I would trade places with this guy in a second. How much will it cost to make this happen, just give me the number.

Encore Presentayshe™ from Breezy8297.

A Piece of My Mind

… and this collar chafes, either that or my skin’s too loose, and my name’s misspelled on my kibble bowl, and the situation regarding 7 AM walkies is entirely unacceptable, and another thing… Wait, I forgot the other thing…

And what’s more, this FaveFrame™ is completely unflattering!

Friday Haiku: Puppy Dog Eyes

Pulls on your pant leg

The snausages are all …gone?

Cue huge, teary eyes

You may now go “D’AAAAWWWWWW”, Danielle Levesque via Kassidy Richardson

Louboutins? Jimmy Choos? or Scottish Folds?

Decisions, decisions:

Good choice Blindace18.

There, There.

It’s okay, friend. I know it’s hard being a teenager. Everything is the end of the world and you have very little control of your limbs and emotions.

Love my neck and cry it out. Then we’ll go get you some longer shorts.

Why the long face, Plasker6?


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