Friday Haiku: New Kit on the Blog

Teenthee tiny kit

Barely even a handful

But just give it time

One week old Russian Blue Kitten, by Sensual Shadows Photography

The Finishing Touch

I… I just don’t know what’s the problem. I’ve got my blankie, I’ve got my stuffed toy, and all the same I sense an absence, as if something was missing. But what?

Oh yeah, that’s what it was. Ear scritchies.

Graelyn B. says: “This is Seamus, the cutest Weimaraner puppy ever to walk the earth.”

Knitting for Beginneuws

We know you like to see pets enjoying their sweateuws. You will loff these!

It’s a sweateuw, it’s a tube, it’s a sweatube top!

And doubles as a tea cozy!

I look like Cliff Huxtable.

Savannah O., with the help of her sister Jillian, made tiny sweaters for their guinea pigs, Heart (brown), Fiona (white) and Indiana (calico).

Yeah, We Were Rooting for Bon Iver, too

Folks, what we have here is a true sensitive soul, moved to tears by Adele’s powerful expression of heartbreak and loss. Either that, or it’s time for walkies.

Notes From Base Camp

Having rested overnight, our team of rugged trekkers decide to explore the uncharted territory.

Filled with both excitement and apprehension, we brave the great unknown in the spirit of adventure.

It is Glorious!

Thanks for documenting the expedition Grace E.

Time Reports: Interspecies Snorgling Sweeping Nation

This week’s TIME cover story is titled, “The Surprising Science of Animal Friendships.”

Let’s sum up the years of research and work in this 3,360 word article: Interspecies Snorgling Rulez!

Fave quote: “To describe these relationships, Silk, … a skeptic of the whole idea of animal friendship, at last began to use what she calls the F word.” Thanks to Grace L. for the sneak preview. To read more, go to

Handsome, Dashing, Debonaire…

I think, what you are trying to say is, I’m impeckable.

Don’t get too cocky, Davis B.

Nugget Has Experiences

Nugget travels and learns that Athens is a bust.

Nugget discovers near…

…and far.

Nugget gets tickled.

Oh, Kelly P., how do you get anything done?

Today’s the Day. Tell Someone You Loff Them.

Peeps—someday—when we look back on our lives, it will be the precious moments we savor; so perfect, so rare, so tender—grab your teddy bear! This is one of those moments!

Rattle somehow makes everything else not good enough anymore, Stefan H.

Check Out My Undercarriage!

It’s a beaut, isnt’ it? I got it detailed and everything, just so it would look nice from this angle. I see you have a digital camera; got enough battery life? Because I really don’t have a “bad side”. I’ve got about a gillion poses I could…hey, where ya going?

Undercoating costs extra, Håkan D.


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