Making Pets Safer… With Science!

Life just got a little bit softer for kittens, as researchers at the Ohio Pet Safety Histological Adaptivity Workshop (OH PSHAW) have successfully bred an interlocking dog and cat.

Another quality link foraged by Ant… for science!

Y’all Come Back Now, Yuh Heah?

We just can’t bear to see you (and your pic-a-nic basket) leave so soon!

The Good Seal-Keeping House

ABC (Australia) News brings us the story of an unusual home intruder: a baby fur seal, who wandered around a New Zealand seaside neighborhood before crashing on Annette Swoffer’s couch. The pup slept peacefully while Swoffer called authorities to take the visitor back home. Story, more pics here.

On the First Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: A prosh kit-tayns in a cat tree!

Baby Winkie in a cat tree, from Craig Howell.

Who You Callin’ Yellow, Hombre?

Them’s fightin’ words. [chews grass]

Reckon a feller like you best be amblin’ on outta town or it’s Rusty’s Roadhouse, you and me, high noon. [spits, moves grass to other side of mouth]

Nice mud flaps, conorwithonen

Downward Cat

Prepare to be amazed as this yoga expert picks up an extra passenger during her workout routine, and then ask yourself: how much cuteness can this yogi bear?

Nobody puts Baby in a corner


Pup “Holly Beary” is Sender-Inner @chrissleeping‘s Mom’s new dog.

THIS JUST IN: Dexter likes to kayak

People, if you haven’t heard about Go Pro cameras, you are missing out – no one is paying us to say that neither/  They are cameras you can affix on any sports board, to your chest, whatevs, when you go do extreme sports action. Will you please check out this latest hilarious Go Pro photo of the day:

Via Devin S.!

Depression Can Suck It

Cuteologist Barbara B. writes: “I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that put the calendar together. I was really bummed out last year when I was lamely wandering through my grocery store, shuffling toward some overpriced chocolate in ratty sweatpants. Through the fog of depression I picked up the 2011 Cute Overload calendar and instantly felt better.”

“I brought it home and scribbled down a few birthdays coming up and my roommates and I planned a few parties, the calender made us laugh and gave me things to look forward to. Any day I just wanted to go back to bed and give up, I’d check the calender and laugh at the cute animals.”

She continued; “As months passed the pictures got cut out and put into letters to my best friend Ashley. She’s in peace corps in Zambia. After we left college we both explored new areas and she too was homesick and alone in a new place (and fighting malaria, dysentery, etc). One of the few bright spots for Ash are letters and the cuteoverload pictures and captions are exactly her style of humor.”

“Looking back at 2011, that calendar kept me organized and upbeat. You really dont know how much it helped. I’m sure sometimes you guys feel like your job is a tad silly, but truly you’re doing a valuable service. Thanks and I can’t wait for the new year to start so I can put up my new 2012 Cute Overload calendar.”

PS I’m doing really awesome now. Depression can suck it!”

Thank you so much for your inspiring story and for letting us post it, Barbara B. Photos of Waffles the kitteh by Lisa M. Astounding hover facts from Uplift Program.

Woke Up, Fell Out of Bed


Someone has been hitting the ooze button.

Rise and shine, Cocoa! [sing-song.] You too Alexis A.


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