Hey If You’re Ordering From Staples?

We need some copy paper, some toner, some hi-liters, and..hmm…oh, we’re down to one puppeh, too. So maybe a few of those.

Little Fuzz Head c/o The Daily Cute.

Ellie’s Had One Of Those Weeks

From Cuteporter Lauren U.: “Here’s my 14 year old kitty, Ellie, de-stressing after a rough week in Watertown, MA. (We’re a little less than 1 mile from where they caught him.) She spent the morning fluffing her toe fuzz and promptly fell asleep purring.”


Yeah, This’ll End Well

Oh sure, our ferret friend is having lots of fun now, but pretty soon he’s going to learn what “Pop Goes the Weasel” is really all about.

Via generalroy.

All For One, One For All

[Note- this email came in late Monday* from CO reader Joely W. -Ed]

“Boston-area resident and long-long time CO fan here. We are all so affected by last week and not just here in Boston. From the horrific events of Monday to a scary lock-down on Friday to relief late Friday night when they finally caught him. We’re back on with our ‘regular’ lives today*.”

“As I boarded the T this morning* with a seriously knotted stomach, I settled in to Facebook for a distraction. I saw this picture posted & started crying on the T and thought, “Yes! We are Boston! We are strong! I was so grateful for the puppies to make this message hit home for me. I had a real smile (and hope) for the first time in a week.”

Image from Peace and Paws Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.

Does She… Or Doesn’t She?

I know what you’re thinking: how does she get those gorgeous frosted highlights? Between you and me, it’s Clairol Hair Color for Monkeys. Highlights that last, even in the hot springs. And so natural, only my head-lice checker knows for sure.

Via the aptly-named BinaryApe.

It’s Tongues-Day

Having said that, it’s entirely appropriate that “Pnut” makes an appearance today on CO.

Cuteporter In Charge: Angela B.

Cocoa Puff Photobomb!

Bet you never thought you’d read those three words together, eh? [On CO, anything’s possible. -Ed]

Carolyn S. reports: “This is a picture of my sister’s King Charles Cavaliers. The puppy named Biscuit, is the newest addition to her family. As you can see, older brother Cocoa Puff was jealous of all the attention the new puppy was getting :).”

Next Stop, Vacuum-Rehab

I can’t get enough of this thing. I’m hooked. Hello, Betty Ford?

Sent in by many a Cuteporter including Mira A., who added “I haven’t laughed so hard in a long long time.”

It’s Curtains for You, Suspect Five

“Wait! Why is she pointing at me? This is a frame-up! I didn’t do it! I wasn’t anywhere near the jewelry store last Friday, and I don’t even own a pair of rhinestone-encrusted lederhosen! So it couldn’t have been me!”

“Someone must have set me up! But who?

Via J Dunville Photography.

Cute Animals Eating Food

Title says it all. (Well, except for Westly @ #3 and Mr. Snuggles @ #4, who haven’t scored yet.) Dig in folks!






Variouso Creditos:
1) From AOTC.
2) “Bonnie” from Cuteporter Sarah S.
3) Westly who “had a big day having a doggie day camp interview, getting his nails trimmed, and going to Starbucks!” -Ginger.
4) “This is Mr. Snuggles, a dedicated lapdog with an irresistible face :).” -Jennifer L.
5) From The Big R.
6) Spotted on DP&F via YT user Hdaniella.
7) Originally on Petsami, submitted by Mike D. of Sacramento, California. (“I think this is actually a wee man in a woodchuck suit, but whatevs.”


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