Missed Connections (YEAH YOU)

It was last night, in the daisy patch.

I was munching on clovers, you were sniffing grass blades.


I finally bumped you to get your attention.

Our beady eyes met for a second, we checked each other out, and there was definitely chemistry I think.


You: Stuffed pouches, white iPhone, TAG Body spray (Sunflower Seed Scent)

Me: Twitchy schnozzle, Jonas Brothers hoodie, Tiffany "L" initial pendant

You—me—yogurt treats, c'mon

If you’re up for coffee, a daisy, roll in Timothy hay (KIDDING) give me a call.

This is so getting on Best of Craigslist

This is on or around the Daisy Patch, Jessica W. I think Lucy’s match is right here…
no –  it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Fightin’ and One-Linin’

Tonight we dine… IN HELL! [Attacks]


Are you not ENTERTAINED!?


Are you feeling lucky, Punk!? [swipe swipe]


That’s it man! Game over Man, game over! [Ffffffft fffffft!]


You’re the disease—AND I’M THE CURE! [Say in Sly Stallone slur]


Go ahead. Make my day.


Hasta La Vista Fabiana T.!

[PS -- this is an Encore Presentayshe.  Hi Baffle! - Ed.]

People, THIS is why it’s The frakking Overload

Will you PLEASE get a load of this pic that is pushing Cuteness to it’s XREME limits.


Oh Don’t enhance! NO! we can’t take—


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! (In other words, thank you, Tundra B.)

I’ll give you a twenny for that kitten

Check it out, this little kitten is just about to take off on a magic carpet ride with Andrew Jackson:

I can’t figure out if the mew sounds are delayed or there is ANOTHER off-screen kitteh making those prosh sounds, OR it’s some synth recorded sound triggered by some kid on a keyboard—which is it Jenn?

Top 10 Sites You have to Check Every Day

Pcm_15_header THAT’S RIGHT MOFOS! We’re #4.

Come back daily, Capische!? [Holding hand up in 'capische position]

Thanks, PC Magazine for calling Cute Overload one of your 10 Essential Websites!

Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Solitary Boxhab Confinement patient "Pebbles" warns young kittens:

"Stay in school!

Don’t do boxes!"


"I’ve wasted weeks of my life addicted to napping in boxes—when I could have been lounging in sunbeams or catnip fields like other cats. [lights cigarette, takes drag] But no. I’m hooked."


Shameful, Maxine S. [Shaking head] just shameful.

This guy is totally crawling over to cuddle with you

plink plink [eyes blinking sound]

[Hand/paw slowly points towards you]

You can cuddles?

pic pic pic

Karen G., best eye-to-ear ratio evar!

Put the vacuum back in the closet

I already vacuumed up the food bits left under the dinner table.

I think the vacuum is still hungry though.


I really like the super schnozzle suction on this model, Karen G.

p.s. you’re hosed! ;)

Ssssh, I gotta tell you…

Shhhhhhh! Come closer!

[Looks around to see if anyone is listening, claws grip tightly to branch]

Cutest Koala, originally uploaded by Erik K Veland.

I must… tell you something! Ssssshhhh!

Look into my beady eyes!




complete me!


Ahn, thanks, Lil’ KoalaPants!

Kitten treats at 3 o’clock, BALL OF STRING AT 9 o’clock!!!

[Ears go in bof directions]


Kitten!, originally uploaded by swaza.

Swaza, I suggest a magic eight ball for these difficult, difficult times.