People (muzzle) powsches!!

These prosh humans have muzzelpowsches of their very own.

They are extremely creative. You can make one too!


Eliza F., I’ll do an Xtreme C.O. Close up on you if you don’t watch out.

THIS JUST IN: Boston is guarranteed goin’ to the play-offs

Grey Kitteh: "…but I don’t have to like it." [Goes back to sleepies]


OK, we made a sports joke with a 90 percent female demographic. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, Cate F.!?

Meanwhile, at Cottontail’s Hideout…

"Awright, youse mugs, listen up! We’re knocking over McGregor’s First National Bank, see, and I don’t want no slip-ups! 

Bugsy, you drive the getaway car. Roger, you blow up the safe.

And Flopsy, you stare disapprovingly at the security guard!  Now, hop to it, see?  Nyeeaaahh!"

Daaaawww, tell me again about the humans, George!

This looks like a case for Elliot Nuff and his Untouchables, Amanda L.

Elephant ‘Tocks? or…Really Large Body with Trunk?

Look, there’s an elephant in the room, I think we need to talk about it.

No one is willing to point it out but me.

It’s a really big elephant.


Johanna S., you should really just face these things head on.

And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor

(FADE IN on backyard. MUSIC UP, delicate piano with strings)

ANNOUNCER:  These are the Schlackmann Years™—the most precious years of your baby’s life. First steps. First words. And, most important of all, first solid foods.  Maybe that’s why more mothers feed their babies Schlackmann’s Puppies than any other brand. Only Schlackmann’s Puppies are scientifically bred to be easy to chew, and gentle to your baby’s delicate digestive system. And only Schlackmann’s comes in the variety of breeds and flavors babies love. So make them special years; Make them Schlackmann Years.™

Grape Doberman?  My favorite!

Were you a Schlackmann’s kid, Vernel L.?

With ONE SNORT you’re a GONER!

Listen Kid, my eye capsule is LARGER THAN YOUR WHOLE BODY.

Flutter your wings the wrong way and it’s SNORT CITY.


Johanna S., you’re right. This IS interspecies snorglingk.

Rest in peace Lil’ McOttersons…

Peeps, we’ve just learned that the lil’ Otter who stole yer heart by holding hands (no kidding, watch for it!) with her ottermate has passed away. Apparently, "Nyac" the otter even made it through the Exxon Valdez spill! I did not know that.

Let’s do an encore presentayshe for the lil’ trooper. It’s absolutely one of our favorite videos of all time.

Thanks for letting us know the sad news, Kimberly R. and Kim B. :(

THIS JUST IN: A ham junior moncheing a Cheerio

My lonche is as big as my face, Oh Yeah


Bonnie K., you picked a winnah! [Say in English 'Cheerio!' accent]

Here’s the deal.

First, Guy finds kitten outside his flat.

Next, Guy photographs the kitteh’s development, including Kitteh discovering sunbeams (Rule #40)

Many, many cute photos ensue.

Photos get sent to C.O. (Natch).




It’s OK, little dude, sunbeams are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.


It’s about time we sent out a schweet new desktop image, Sender-Inner Josh N. GREAT photos, Mescal. :D

Fresh kitten delivery!

Look, People, I’m sure at THIS POINT you’re wondering if I’m like, RELATED to Martha Stewart I mention her blog on this site so much. The short answer is "nyerhe" I’m not, I just like her blog honest ta Gahd!

For example, check out her recent KITTEN DELIVERY OMG!


Delivered special to her farm. Ahn [head tilt.]

Check out ALL kittens-exploring-their-new-surroundings-pics here.