They Wouldn’t Let Me Cover The Westminster Dog Show

Ah got a press pass and a BEEG camera and everythings!

Well, ah put up a BIG STEENK and they still wouldn’t let me een. They said eet had sumfun’ to do with “antagonizing the contestants.” (Like ah nose whut that meanz.) Shoot, jus’ wanted to take some pitchers.

From The InterWebs.

It’s an Illusion


What Water?

I wasn’t playing in the water.

Via Buzzfeed

Q: Ever Wonder Where Your Socks Go?

A: Sock Ninjas steal ’em in the middle of the night…naturally.

Fortunately, The Kitteh Sock Protectors are there to save your Sock Stash!

Sent in by JoEllen M., who “Saw this on io9.” (UPDATE: If you like the background music on this video, you can download it for free here.)

Hey, Are You Blind?

I’m right here looking through the blinds, and suddenly I can’t see a thing!


Who Is Charlie Chubbles?

Excited about resting.

Super playful.

A Wilfred Brimley look-alike.

Charlie Chubbles is no Wilfred Brimley, Aubrey D., he’s better!

If You Could Have Any Job In The World

It might just be this one. C’mon, you know you’d wanna do it.

From The Telegraph: “Feeders hold koalas as they pose for group photos at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China.” Photo by Xinhua/Landov/Barcroft Media.

THIS JUST IN: Maddie On The Road!

Remember Maddie The Coon Hound? The celebrated author? She stopped by THE QTE last fall, and now she is ON THE ROAD! The tour kicks off March 8th in Austin, TX.

Maddie tells us on her website: “I’m pumped to hit the road and meet all of ya’ll! We are making 35+ official bookstore stops, countless photo meetups and telling 50 stories in every state for Why We Rescue!”

Maddie Book Tour! from This Wild Idea on Vimeo

Thanks to Mo (Michael O’Neal) via Chief Sister Officer for the teep.

Where Do I Begin

or end?

Josh N. does it again.

Starship Troopers 4: The Barkening

Remember: The only good bug is a barked-at bug! Would you like to know more?

PS: YouTuber Adam Cox needs a movie deal, like yesterday.

You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, Boys…

…’cause Back In The USSR, they’ve got…..Siberian Flying Squirrels!

(OK, Formerly known as the USSR. But if we’d said that, the Beatles reference woulda been clunky.)







正次スグ/レックス機能の全ての画像! (All images by Masatsugu Sugu/Rex Features!)


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