And Bring One Of Those Little Baggie Things, Too

I went and got the leash! Now, clip it to my collar, don’t forget your running shoes on the porch here—do I have to do everything?

We’re having a Big Mac Attack!

We Don’t Like Ike!

All the Peeps here at Cute Overload hope all the Peeps in the affected regions stay safe during the arrival of Isaac. Of course, it goes without saying, take care of your little furry friends too:

WPTV Newschannel 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida, shows us how to prepare Furry Friends for a big storm.

Helpful linkersons here:’s Crisis Map, Louisiana Homeland Security, The Red Cross “Piper The Puppeh” on The Twitter, PETA, and a list of animal shelters in the area.

When We Were Very Young

Halfway down the stairs

is a stair where I sit.

There isn’t any

other stair

quite like it.

Christopher Robin played by 9 week old Siberian Husky. Thanks to AA Milne and Chairfight.

Day 120

Dog still thinks I’m a pillow. Food supplies running low. Haven’t seen the litter box in weeks. Dog unresponsive to hoomin commands. Desperate measures required. More later. -Cat

Video by Browsewin231. Full disclosure: Text concept absolutely (cough, cough) “borrowed” from commenter HyeDaViT.


If you see a cute corgi in your mailbox, letter in!


How Do You Serve Peegs?

We serve ’em in cups. In a cup with the right cream, mmmm nice.

Deleesh, Pacifist!

What’re You Looking’ At?

Yeah, I know what’cher sayin’ — it’s a boid feedah. It’s supposed’ta be for da boids. Well, you’re for da boids, pal, whaddya think of that?

Listen up, Miss Manners. I got just one rule: If I can reach it, it’s lunch.

A wily squerl from Wiley Designs.

Unclear on the conceeeeeept [singsong]

Beds work best when you sleep on top of them! [facepalm]

Mixed up pic by DJ Scibble Scrabble.

Yes she is, Haley. Yes she is.

Let’s welcome Haley L, who is the Official Sender-Inner here. Says The Halester: “This is Eloise! and I think she’s pretty cute.”

Agreed Haley. Agreed.

Snorf and Let Snorf

My old grandhoggy snorfed this farm for near 80 years. Yep, he said to me this farm, if properly snorfed, is like an all you can snorf buffet. “A snörfgasbord!”, he would say. Then he always slapped his knee and chuckled.

One snorf at a time, Wrought


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