Red, White, And Baroo

Send us your Red, White, And Baroo-themed photo! We could post it on the Fourth of July for our Red, White, And Baroo celebrashe! Just send it in from now ’til noon PT on July 3rd. (If you could put BAROO in the subject line, it would be apreesh.)

We’d love the photo to have a Baroo IN it, but those are hard to capture, let’s face it. So just make sure it’s got July 4th colors. OK? We’re good?

BAROO [BAH-ROO] (noun) A common animal look expressing: “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by a head tilt and/or wrinkled brow.

Concept by Courtney S. of Hazard, Ky. Image of Princess from Julie H.


Flashback Friday

We’re going back in time! Get it? Going sooo slow that we’re going back-, and it’s Flashback Fri-, and … yeah!

Circa 1960s. Credit Unknown.

Ferret Photobomb?

Is this a scene from The Shining?

“I was trying to snap a photo of Iggy begging, while I was cooking, when, his sister, Ivy, decided to photobomb him.” -Sheh Ri.

Remember That Kid in First Grade?

The one who could wiggle his ears and always made you laugh?
And the teacher yelled at you for laughing?

Sender-Inner Karen M., “Found this video and thought it would fit right in CO.”

Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!

947101_10151501896209094_1634692656_n “My heart melted at these pictures of Benny, the famous paralyzed piggy with specially designed wheels to get around. He loves attending ‘pignics’ with his friends. Boston strong! (P.S. regarding the ‘Benny’ link above: ‘‘ is a URL shortening site that supports guinea pig rescues with every click from a URL. Wheek wheek!” – Cuteporter Susan R.


Bonjour, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

Comment vas-tu aujourd’hui? (How are you today?)

“This is my new kitteh, ragdoll Coco Chanel. Within hours of coming home, she was already acting as dignified as her namesake. I LOVE your site and hope Coco can be a part of the Cuteness!” -Amélie P.

Fleur du Jour

Tres ooh la la. Zat one and zat one and zat one.

Le sneef, sneef, sneef ?

Le chomp, chomp, chomp!

“Un grand merci for your work and your website! I thought you might appreciate these photos of a cute hedgehog discovering my parents’ garden on a sunny afternoon. Monsieur Hérisson is rather photogenic, and didn’t seem to be too scared when my dad took it in picture. à bientôt!” -Emma (from Paris, France)

You Know It’s Really Hot When,

all you see right here is a big scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
With blueberries.

“This is Shea the Pomeranian/Mini Australian Shepherd puppy! He lives in NYC and loves pop tarts!” -Mom. Shea on Instagram. And Tumblr.

I Don’t Always Need Cute, But When I Do…

What? WHAT? Whaddaya mean by don’t “always”?

“I took another cute picture today to add to the submission of Tazz and Pippin! Too cute not to share.” -Hannah W.

Despite What U May Have Heard….

Not ALL us ducks like water. Now will you PLEASE open the door?

A Reddit commenter wrote, “I found a duck that doesn’t like rain. He pecked at the door for over an hour wanting to come in!”