They Use Us, We Use Them

That’s the way it works. The ol’ circle of life. Any questions?




1. “This is our beloved little guy Bear! He’s 10 yrs old.” -Rebecca B.
2. “This is Daisy and her foster dad, Steve Friedman.” -Susan L.
3. “This is me, fake-napping on Baxter.” -Hilary K.
4. “My boys,” from Sara W.
5. “Buckley the Beagle & Harry the Terrier mix commandeering dad’s nap.” -Brandi O.

It’s Tough Being a Kid, Mom…

All the bigger kids laugh at me, just because I’m the smallest. They make fun of my wobbly legs, my squeaky voice…

Look at them over there — you can tell they’re plotting against me all the time.

And the latest thing is, they climb up on the shed and try to hit me with water balloons. I mean, where did they even get the idea to do that?

Greetings from Ickworth Park via Karen Roe.

Every Day is Bunday for Jake

Oh wait. Jake would like to clarify that. Every day is not just Bunday, every day is Snugglebunday.

“Thought you might like a photo of Jake snuggling his best bunny pal.”, Éadaoin C.

Mr. Cooper Does Not Like To Wear Pants On Sundays

It would seem that way, wouldn’t it?

Cuteporter Johnny D. explains thusly: “This is my brother’s and his fiance’s dog Cooper. He likes to sit on his hind legs and beg for food. Sorry had to censor his special parts in hopes that he will be featured on your family friendly website.”


So Close, Yet-

So far.

Mariana A.: “This is our cat Amy. She has a love-hate relationship with a bird that we rescued about a year ago here in Brazil. She has never tried to attack it, but sometimes she will stand in front of the cage for hours, just looking at him.”

A Mouse In The House

Sondre Strøm L. posted to the CO Facebook page. “A wild mouse moved into my house, and I started feeding it peanuts. Then I caught it on “tape”! It’s super cute! (It shows up about 27 seconds in..) Enjoy. :).” So you go to YouTube for more info:

Det bodde en mus hos meg en liten periode, jeg fora den med peanøtter og andre godbiter. Så en dag satte jeg opp webcameraet mitt (som har en overvåkingsfunksjon) for å se om jeg kunne catche den på teip! Og JADA! Jeg sier ikke mer, værsågod!

Had to run THAT bad boy thru The Google translate. I know it’s Norwegian, but it feels so Ikea to me. You know, a recliner named JADA?

There lived a mouse with me a little time, I forums it with peanuts and other goodies. Then one day I set up my webcam moraine (which has a monitoring function) to see if I could Catch it on tape! And JADA! I say no more, you’re welcome!

Now that we have THAT cleared up, let’s go to the videotape! And JADA!

Dear CO, Having A Blast On Vacation…

…and the elephants are very friendly. And, um, wet. XO, Risha S.

(She sent this snap in from her Nepal vaca. That’s her on the heffalump.)

Muddy Buddy

Here’s mud in yer eye, and in yer mouth and in yer ears and yer nose and ‘tween yer toes and pretty much all over.

“I was dogsitting for my neighbor’s bulldog named Pretty Girl when I heard a splashing noise and discovered she loves mud puddles.” – Kelley S. Photo taken in Casselberry, FL.

Everybody Catter-cize!

It’s the hot new fitness craze that’s all over the Interwebs SWEEPING THE NATION. Just grab a couple of kittehs and CATTER-CIZE your way to a healthier YOU!

As seen on the Meow of Love.

Savour Every Moment

We should, shouldn’t we?

A short film by Keith Hopkin.

mia snow head tilt
“I produced this via an artistic grant for Canadian-based pet food company Petcurean. It premieres today, April 27, during the TriBeca Film Festival in NYC. It features dogs and cats captured in super slow motion in the snow in the northeast, to the beach and pools of southern California. I even collaborated with ‘Underwater Dogs‘ photographer Seth Casteel for a portion of it.”


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