Friday Haiku: Leaf Me Alone!

Reclusive rodent
Sits shyly in summer shade
Her haiku heaven


Lovely “Poupette” courtesy

THIS JUST IN: Bear ears

Those elusive, perfectly soft, snuggular triangles that happen to be attached to a bear head!

Found in their wild habitat. Here they come…




C.O.X.B.E.C.U. (Cute Overload Xtreme Bear Ear Close Up)


Liz S. captured these find aural specimens. More of her Kodiak, AK shoot here.

Cavalcade of Vaguely Unsettling Facial Expressions!

Figure 1: The “what are you doing with that chainsaw, Reverend?”

Daisy and things 012

Figure 2: The “ghost story at summer camp”


Figure 3: The “Silence of the Lambs”


Photos by Jessica C., Siberian Husky puppy Belfi by Ritmó, and Eddie and Ginger F.

Wait, why am I posting this again?

OMG He’s SO CUTE (the monkeh, People, the monkeh!)


Jamin C. says: “This is me with my baby baboon Majoca at our exploration camp in eastern Angola (west Africa). Her mom was killed so I adopted her!” Very sweet, Jamin. ;)

C.O. Summer Vacation Travel Tips!

No visit to scenic Yellowstone National Park is complete without a stop at the “Old Floof-ful” geyser, so nicknamed because it erupts like clockwork every six hours, which coincidentally is also when Old Floof-ful gets out for meals and walkies.

Let's just say that my tummy ain't the only thing rumbling around here.

Uh, better stand back, Carmen G.

The Cat at the Fax

The Cat at the Fax sighed a pendulous sigh,
“If my fax won’t go through, I think I’ll just die!
This job is a bore, this task unbelievable,
There’s just one fax for all Accounts Receivable!”

“I’m definitely not having lots of fun that is funny!
The paper keeps crinkling!  The toner is runny!
‘PC Load Letter’?! What the #$@& does that mean?
I can’t comprehend this infernal machine!”

“And when it does work, it spits pages of spam,
For MLM seminars staged by Sam I Am.
If I didn’t need this job, I know just what I’d do,
I’d teach this contraption thing one or thing two!”

adorable kitteh wilber faxing

With apologies to Dr. Seuss, Mike Judge, Office Max, sender-inner Kat T. and anyone who likes poetry in general.

Incoming leeckings!





I barely survived, Vicki P.! [wiping brow]


BackCat looooooooves to go backpackin‘!

He’s all crawlin’ up your shoulder and ready to go.

Check it!


Vargavinter, we have not posted this one before. You got lucky this time.


Kittens in sweateuws!
Sweateuws on Kittens!


Feelin’ comfy!


Meanwhile, check the curly ‘tocks!
‘Tocks, curlin’ check it meanwhile


I hate my sweatuew!
I hate my sweatuew!


Self-described Sender Inner “Mandi C.” is a “knitter” and says “I just finished knitting this sweater for a co-worker’s baby. I decided to try it on my cats. Westley-the orange cat purred the whole time he had it on. I had to fight the black cat Horus to wear it.” Ahnnn.

Sounds reasonable [shifty eyes]

Bunneh “Elle” likes to have her animal crackers delivered to her by hand…


to her “2nd floor” “window”.


Um, OK Josh K. [shiftiest of eyes]