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Redonk photo by Kotikotikotik. Thanks for the redonkulousness, Ant.

THIS JUST IN: The Other Paw

Back in 2008, we helped the Internets blow up with this video of two otters holding hands at the Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium even wrote to thank us for posting the video, which has now earned almost 17 million hits.

Nyac the female otter passed away first, in 2008. And now, it’s been reported that the other otter, Milo, has also passed away. Interestingly, Milo was the first otter to ever be diagnosed with lymphoma and also received chemotherapy treatment!

Rest in peace lil’ dudes.

Thank you for the news, Ant.

Caturday Night Boxhab

1. I got your Caturday RIGHT HERE
2. ! got your MARU RIGHT HERE and…
3. We got your boxhab, RIGHT HERE!

Another quality link foraged by Ant!

Hon? You Said You Were Going To Clean Up The Place Today.

Uhhh, I’m on it! It’s going great!

I’m having a little problem with the hoovering tho. [coff]

Hey Roborovski hamsters, let’s go out to eat tonight. I can’t even find the kitchen!

You Can See It Too, Right?

Well, you know, how sometimes you see things. Don’t you? And other people can’t see ‘em?

Baby bunny Simon is very real at Kristin C.’s cottage.

Snowbirding or Crowboarding?

Let’s join the others by the fire in the lodge, sip a hot toddy and watch who’s outside on the slopes today. Just caws:

Crowabunga, penelopakristi!

Don’t Know How to Break This, Guys…

I mean, I don’t want to put a damper on your entrepreneurial spirit or anything; the boat rescue business was a capital idea and all, but… well, that yacht you’ve been towing sank about a half a mile back.

Photo by Flickr user David Friel. (More border collie cuteness at the link)

Mmmm, Pie!

What is that deleeshus smell? Ahhh, custard cream pie with fresh ferret filling and chocolate crumb crust!

Cute Overload XTreme Pretty Phallic Ferret Close Up! (C.O.X.P.P.F.C.U.)

Silver is a cutie pie, Anny.

C.O. Olympics Update

At training camp this week, US rookie Floyd Bleaarrghth is making progress in the sock-catching event, but still has a long way to go to beat the current record-holder, Sven Stuffem of Ikeastan.

Love Handle®

For the safest grip while lifting planking cats sharp objects, get the new Love Handle®; a new way to carry all types of planking cats sharp objects easily and conveniently.

We can’t handle the cute! Weasley, sent in by Kay W.


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