Kaptain Kitty vs. the Hairdressers from Outer Space!

Egads! My alien captors have activated their X-24 Anti-Stasis Neuclonian Energy Force Beam! My only hope is to divert the beam with my Super Whapping Power!

This… This Can’t Be Real…

It’s just too perfect to be a real puppy… the shiny coat, the blue eyes… It’s like some sort of porcelain doll… Brain… melting… can’t… handle… the cuteness…

How on Earth do you cope with it, Lana N.?

You’re All Washed Up, Kitty!

Since it’s almost Halloween, I’ll put on my lifelike latex Bob Saget mask to introduce this compilation of cats splashing in water, some of which you’ve seen before. The music is OK, although “Yakkity Sax” would be better. But then, when wouldn’t it?

Famous Last Words

Don‘t worry, how much trouble could one little ferret be?

Heh, heh. You know, for a moment there, I thought I was in trouble.

OK that’s it. Either the ferret goes, or I go.

Agh! Wake me when it’s over!

The outstretched paw, is just sooo tragique, theogeo .

Wazzat Noise?

It was a dog and gourdy night… a single figure stood alone in the window… suddenly, strange voices…
probably just the wind… yeah right, since when does the wind say, “Brains! They scooped out our braaains!“ …ominous fog rolls in.

Sleep well, Yoshi. Sleep well, Randy Son Of Robert…

I’m Never Gonna Let You Go! [Sing in Sloth Voice]

I’m gonna hold you in my arms foreverrrrrrrrrrr [yawn]
Gonna try and make up for the times [Oh boy I’m tie-tie]
I hurt you sooooooooooo [falls asleep]

Romantic sloth times courtesy of Laura S. Sergio Mendes genius lyrics via Songlyrics.com.

Gittin’ Jiggy Wit It

Elebenty billion piece puzzle. You like it? I made it myself! And the pieces fit snuggly, (’cause bun’s all about snuggly.)

Puzzles do have many bunny-fits,  jpockele .

The Whole Jungle is Like Spinning, Man

Shades of our breakdancing gorilla: This little orphan chimp at a rescue center in Cameroon loves to spin around until he’s so dizzy he bumps into the camera.

What Kind of Dog Are You?

Have you ever wondered what breed of dog you would be? Wonder no more! Find your inner dog and get your bark on in the comments! Think of the pawsibilities!

Which one is Mark and which one is Fizz, Susan C. from bonny Scotland?

Don’t Forget Your 5-a-Day

Mmmmm, fresh-picked kitten peach. (sniiiff) Smells so good. We should make a pie…

A kitten a day, especially Tuesday, keeps the doctor away, Anna H. (Anna’s kitten is named Tuesday.)


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