God Made A Dog

Get the Kleenex™ ready, people.

Seen on MSN Now. Posted on YT by Red Tettemer.


RIP To Doug Engelbart

The inventor of the computer mouse has passed away.

Encore Presentayshe of Snickerdoodle from Teajay.

It’s A UK Thing, Ursus

Have to admit, I’m not up on my Doctor Who lore. Other British shows like Fireball XL5 and Stingray, yes. But Dr. Doctor Who has eluded me, thus far. An online search reveals that this phone booth call box is called a “Tardis” and is in fact a time machine.

Well, of course it is.

It looks like British Shorthair Ursus doesn’t know Who or what is going on, either.

From Nicholas K.

There Are No Words To Describe This

(Text would normally go here but I am speechless.)

From Kasia Nowak.

Kevin Discovers an Alternate Dimension

“Wow, look! Bacon palm trees! A gravy waterslide! Hydrants the size of condiminiums! Verily, it is the promised land — now if it only came in.my size…”

“Gryfe enjoys the last of the cottage cheese” says Rebecca Siegel.

That Troll Won’t Know What Hit Him

They are everywhere… and they are nowhere. They are a rumor on the wind, a rustle in the trees, carelessly dismissed — until too late. You’ll never see them coming. You cannot prepare. There is no escape from… The Ninja Goat Squad!

Goats in Morocco, via Grand Park Bordeaux.

This Tub is Taken

The Bouquet residence, the lady of the tub speaking.

“I’m a huge fan and I visit your site every day! My Maltese Lisa decided to relax in her favorite resting place, a nice plastic basin (she loves basins as much as Maru loves boxes), while still wearing her June Festival straw hat.” -Maísa G., in Northeastern Brazil.

Friday Haiku: Et Tu, Bru-Tay?

Gaze at your image
It’s often quite revealing
U can learn a lot

“Brutus thinks he is handsome and I agree. Brutus the rescue dog was having his first experience at the lake. He saw his reflection at first and then saw some water bugs.”-Dave A.

Animals….On DESSERTS! (WITW*)

(*What. In. The. World.)

“I think y’all would get a kick out of the pics on my new Tumblr, Animals On Desserts. I’ve been told the Internet may break from Cuteness! This is Tiramousu…Blue Bear-y Pie…Strawberry Short Hog…& Lemurcello Sorbet.” –Loryn B.





Close Encounters

of the hairless kind.

The look in their eyes is extraterrestrial.

And the look on their face is like an angel. Um, cattitude is everything?

“Jadoo. (how’s that pronounced exactly, Josh?) Let’s give our hairless friends some love.” –Josh Norem