THIS JUST IN: Kimba* Gets a Dog

A white lion cub named Kwanza has a new friend: Honey, the dog belonging to keepers at Darling Downs Zoo in Pilton, Queensland. When when Kwanza’s mother stopped producing milk, keepers started to spend more time with the cub, with Honey right beside them. Now, the two are bestest anipals.

*No, not Kimba the White Lion, because that would have been just too perfect! (caution: earworm)

Photo Assignment Day: Show Us Your Wall Of Cuteness!

Had a lot of great submissions for our first Photo Assignment Day, and now it’s time to do it again.

Have you been saving the pages of your CO Calendar to create a massive wall display? Now is your chance to show it off. Our Calendar Photo Assignment page has more info, and here’s where to send it!

cuteness overload



The Great Escape

Don’t worry, I’m a trained professional.

Duckling, Lona, getting a little help from her friends at the Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary, Co. Kerry, Ireland, sent in by Nicole C.

Q: What’s Better Than Snoozing In The Sun?

A: Nothing.



Heather L. zipped these over to us with the PS: “These are my two dogs: our feisty little doxie, Tolstoy, and our adopted ex-racing greyhound, Lewis. They don’t let their completely different body types get in the way of a good snuggle.”

Mom Taxi VII: Floatin’-N-Squeakin’

This Little Dude is getting a ride on Mom’s belly, SQUEAKING for all to hear. Speakers UP!

Sent in by Mike D. of Sacramento.

Come and Knock on My Drawer

I’ve been waiting for you.

Via Reddit

Bowie Changes

Been known for my different looks, see? There was, oh, Major Tom..The Thin White Duke…Ziggy Stardust…so how do you like my newest look? New album out and all. Callin’ this one “Bewhiskered Ferret.”

Bowie The Ferret from Stephanie S.

Do the Dew!

You have to get up early, but it’s real refreshing.


His name is Beastie Beans and Melissa S. tells us he has a white soul patch.


Everything is, like, so super green.

This girl iguana is Stoney. She was totally trippin’ to be outside, so Abby G. captured the moment.

You Whistle While You Work

In fact, why don’t you just work? Seriously, when was the last time you washed the dishes? Hmmm?

Jen B. tells us, “My canary, Melanie, caught in the midst of her bath time. Somebody 
wants her privacy!”


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