Wimble Done

Yahng yahng yahnnng!

Via Flickr-er E. McClay

Daggone Dandelion Doggeh

Charlie, the 10 week old keeshound puppy, seems powerfully perplexed by this innocent dandelion.

Submitted by Cute Afficianodos Barbara and Paul of Concord, CA. Posted on the Tube by Mikael P.

Lawdy Mighty, I Feel Mah Temp’ature Risin’

Working an Elvis pompadour with a little number for all you hawt folks out there. Singin’, “I’m just a hunka hunka bunneh love.”



“My bunny’s name is Pippin, and he is just over a year old. He loves jumping, apples, leaves, and running in the backyard. -Becca

Tennis: A Love Game

Dear Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Murray, please don’t serve ME today. Thanks awfully. Now how ’bout some strawberries & cream?

A story from back in the day, for today’s Wimbledon men’s final.

But Why do I Have to Make the Bed?

Nobody’s gonna see it.

Via Reddit. Also, possible candidate for Rule of Cuteness #26, “If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in, it’s cute.

Sunday’s A Great Day For A Bark In The Park

If you’ll recall, the Arizona Diamondbacks held a “Bark In The Park” last month to benefit the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Now, the Miami Marlins have held their own event- and from the looks of this puppeh, it was a great day!

Photo and hover from SF Gate; picture by J. Pat Carter, Associated Press.

PTA: Puppeh ‘Tocks Action

Most excellent ‘tocks, you will have to agree heah.

From Christian Haugen.

Rufus The Notorious Photobomber

“My English Bulldog, Rufus, photobombed my style shot with his smoosh the other day at San Francisco’s Crissy Field. I seriously laugh every time I look at it!!” -Julia G.

Photo from Laura Pope Photography.

Welcome to Kitty Mart

“In Japan, Twitter users are snapping photos of cats spotted in and around convenience stores. It’s more common than you’d think. And surprisingly, these kitties are mostly left to their own devices. The takeaway? There’s just something about … convenience stores.”

Well, this isn’t convenient, at all.












“…Or maybe Japanese cats are lurking around trying to snag a good deal.” –Mashable

Peeper Prowler

Look closely. Is this fellow casing the joint, looking for a big score?

Well…he IS wearing a mask.

9218567838_b77cf3c58b_b“This little guy was spotted peering out from under the dock at my mother-in-law’s houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. Is it a stake-out? Is this raccoon a secret agent? Or a jewel thief, casing the joint? Will we ever know?” -Respectfully submitted by Leslie K.