♬ Wake Up, Little Duckie, Wake Up! ♫

It’s tough to stay awake in class after pulling yet another all-nighter in Thomas Library. ZZZZZZZZZ (clunk.) (PS- wait til :33. Just. Wait.)

“Thanks to all for playing, but I think this video just won the Internet… or at least my heart.” -Cuteporter Richard C.

Well We’re Movin’ On Up, To The East Side..

..to a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y-y!

Hilary P.: “This is Andy, hanging out in the ‘garden’ -a planter box on the external side of our balcony railing, on the 11th floor. He and his sister don’t seem to have a fear of heights!”

It’s Captain. Captain Jack.

Or, Talented. Talented Jack. And, today is your day to catch the one, the only, the very talented, Jack!

Ta-daaaaa! (he’s just getting warmed up)

OK so far, pepperonis and ‘Nilla Wafers. But you cannot deny, the glint in his eye, and the plaid bow tie, makes Jack a classy guy.

Ladies and gentlepeeps! Please, eggs-amine this egg-cellent, eggs-traordinary eggs-ample of Jack using his egg-noggin’!

But that’s not all yolks! Now we’re going to kick things up a bit. Let’s go for a little drive:

“We love your blog! This is Jack. He’s a three year old Australian cattle dog we adopted from our local shelter in San Francisco. He’s really good at balancing things on his nose and head! Go to www.stackonjack.com for more!” Nicole L.

Turkish Delight!

From intrepid Cuteporter Suvi: “Hi Cute Overload and greetings from Finland! Yours is the best website ever!” [Thanks! -Ed]


“If I ever feel blue, visiting CO makes me feel better. Every time :). Here are some Turkish delights [Stole this for the header, again- thanks! -Ed] from my holiday trip.”


“In Istanbul, there are cats on every corner. I basically took pictures of three things during my holiday: cats, mosques and food.” [You forgot to send the food shots. -Ed]


Twofer Toebeansday

Are you ready for some toebeans?

We sure do hope sooo! (sing song)



“Photo I took recently of our sweet Lila Kitty’s toes.”, Jennifer S., Carriage Association of America
Josh the Furrtographer and Beans, who you may remember from Tinee Tabbies Tussle!

Sticky Buns

Being served at Au Bon Lapin, now made with more snorglingks.

Nobody can resist sticky buns!

Two bunny loafs. Because they’re so well bred.

Top pic: “The league of extraordinary gentlebunnies. Don’t you want to snuggle in there? So much softness. Fotographed in a children’s farm in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands)”, by Nicole C.
Middle pic: Source unknown.
Bottom pic: “These are my favorite bunnehs, Nacho Supreme and Con Queso! Thanks for brightening up every day of the year – your site makes every one of my days better!”, Sara G.

Shells Are Swell

But sweaters are better! Bring on the turtleneck jokes in 3, 2, 1 …!

They cannot run, and now they cannot hide, from Smedley who found these two via Slacker 102 the Redditor .

Behold, the Power of Licking

So you say you just woke up, you’re covered in sawdust and goo, your legs don’t work, and you’re disoriented? You’re either pledging a fraternity or a newborn giraffe, in which case a bit of Mom’s Magic Tongue makes it all better.

Are We Going On a Trip?

I enjoy this box. You may carry me in it and drop me off on Cat Island.

Josh N. does it again.

This Guy Looks….Familiar

I wuz jus’ sittin’ here a spell while the hoomin went in for something to drink, and this dude comes out with chalk and starts scribblin.’ I didn’t get a treat or royalties or anything.

From the Italian Greyhound Owners FB page. Remarks Wayne W.: “We went to get a coffee and came out of the cafe to see Henry had become street art.” Near Annandale, New South Wales.


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