Who’s There?

Must’ve been those kids again, ringin’ my doorbell an’ runnin’ away.

Peeping Kitty, from Elyse S.

Lona, Duck of Dexterity!

After CO introduced Lona to the world, sender-inner Nicole C.  followed up by sharing a new photo to let everyone know, “This is what Lona looked like the very next day! ;-)”

Lona at the The Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary.

And The Results Are EEN!

We’ve received lots of submissions for our latest CO Calendar Photo Assignment! Check the hover textules for deets n’ creditos.











Flashback Friday

What a difference 60-ish years can make! Behold, Rusty, a classic Corgi pup, circa 1940-ish. And then compare to Max Stubbular, circa 2012-ish! Gasp, ooh, awww!

Lindsay G. Cumming Collection, State Library of Victoria. Max Stubbular by Johanna Siegmann.

Molly Moo’s Snow Day

GOOD GRIEF! I’ll have a Doxie Delight to GO, please.

And……..Molly looks a little furtive here, no?

From Chris B.

He Must Have A Ticket To Ride

Rick Coleman was just doin’ what divers do—diving. Then he comes up from below and finds…a guest.

Submitted by Tracy G. Details from Rick: “If you spot an injured or sick marine animal in Southern California you can contact Marine Animal Rescue at (310) 455-2729 for non-emergencies, or 1-800-39-WHALE for emergencies.

Friday Haiku: Buns Are Forever

Buns Are Forever
Hold one up and caress it
And feed him carrots

Apologies to the incomparable Dame Shirley Bassey.

Have Some Pi, Little Guy

Today happens to be Pi Day! In Geek Speak, “Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Today is Pi Day since the date and the first three digits in the equation (3.14) match.” (And there’s no Google Doodle today for this?)

This fellow doesn’t care about any of that. He just wants his punkin pi.

Photo from the Interwebs.

Mom Taxi VIII: Yo, Muffin From The Hood

From Najat V. in Belgium: “Here is the story of our ball of cuteness: Muffin! This cute little thing was found thrown away with the bins (yes, thrown away as he was closed in a box). We brought him home, all dirty and scared. We directly fell in love with him and so did he with us. A year has now passed, he is all grown up and we do not regret any seconds saving him that day.”

Photo by Mof.

Sock It To…Me?

Lucy K. found this little fellow named Draco on The Facebook. Her take? “Baby goat in a sweateuw made from a sock? Yes, please.”

*Bonus points if you recognize the hip 60s title reference.


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