A Joyous Version of David and Goliath

In this version, there are underdogs, overdogs, runningarounddogs and some mighty big paws.

Fave Frame™

Iris S sends us this video of her Samoyed Sammy and their Chinese crested visitor, Nike.

The Theory of Cuteativity

Are geniuses are made, or born? Analysis of Einstein’s brain suggests a physical difference, while others say genius is simply information and insight brought to a boil within a stimulated mind. Either way, having a good role model can help.

Via PuzWorld.ru.

That’s Not a Wall, That’s a Rhino!

Unsuspecting kitty is just walking along, like ya do, when suddenly, the wall moves. Also, the wall has a big horn.

Via Attack of the Cute

Best! Day! EVER!

Little did puppy know, they were on the way to the vet.

Via #srslycute

Mothers Are the Same Everywhere

Full of spit-baths and advice: Hold your head up, smile, don’t slouch, and never wear white shorts over your polka-dot underwear.

Fave Frame:

Johanna S. spotted this video for us! And look out for the matching kitty at 1:05!

Twilight: Breaking Dawg, Part 2

In the final chapter in the saga, Edward accidentally bites Jacob, transforming them both into were-vam-wolf-pires, or something or other like that.

Via cuatrok77.

From The CO Update Desk: Misao & Fukumaru II

‘Member a few days ago, we told you about photographer Miyoko Ihara and how she’s been taking pix of her grandmother Misao and kitteh Fukumaru for the last 13 years. We found another picture on that website that we had to pass along. I mean, have you ever seen a Maru cake?

See more of this dynamic duo in the book, Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat. 最高の幸運者の両方に! (Best of luck to you both!)

Now, Back to Creationism for Dummies

Welcome back, junior deities! We got some complaints saying that last week’s show, in which we made a duck-billed platypus, was too advanced, so this week we’ll keep things simple by making this lovely dachshund.

Before baking, your dachshund may look a little flat and have kind of a wild-eyed look. But don’t worry; he’ll soon plump up and take on that sad expression the breed is known for, like the example on the right.

Now, that’s an intelligent design, Nicole H.

SS Bunny Barge

Tugboat bunny to Captain: Time to tow you in, SS Iron Bottom. You are listing to one side!

Miss Kim H. had a bunny, the bunny had a bell (singsong)…

Max, Can Ya Spare A Twinkie?

Now that Hostess is shutting down, there’s a mad rush for Twinkies- and you can’t find them!

At least we know who snagged them all.

Photo by Paul B- get more of Trinket here.


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