How Do I Look?

What do you think? Too much mascara?

I just find long eyelashes make one look so ladylike.

“I believe I have an example of cuteness rule numbers #72, #6, maybe #3, #41, and #42. Meet Miss Bella, my 7 year old miniature schnauzer. Also known as BeaBeeBopBoobieBellabugBubbaNosyPrincess, BellaMiss, Slouchy. Such a lady 🙂 Sometimes I could swear she enjoys posing for the camera.” -Angie O.


Poll: If You Owned Finn, You Would….

People, take a peeper peek here if you would be so kind.

He’s…perfect. PERFECT-O. This is Finn, a male chihuahua mix- the second Finn in two days BTW- (Finns to the left, Finns to the right?) and he’s ready for snorgling.

If you owned Finn…(and Meredith A. gets the lucky nod here) what would you do? Time for a Poll!


Look Me In The Eye When I’m Talking To You, Young Man

Listen, son. If you’re going to grow up to be a strong young flamingo and work at our famous casino and hotel in Las Vegas, you need to pay attention and do what I say!

Mama Flamingo lays down the law to her son, Frankie Flamingo. From the San Diego Zoo Tumblr. Photo by Angie B.


Submitter Jeanniey M. says, “This is Hopper showing us how to be Zen.”

Rather, it looks more like Hopper is deciding to take over the planet, judging from the way he’s gleefully rubbing his little power-hungry hands together.

Picture by Giovanna M.

Photo Assignment Day #4: Big Mama Gets Her Drink On

Always gotta get plenty of hydration in the warm summer weather, like Big Mama the Eurasian Eagle Owl, c/o Peter Green.


Don’t Treadle on Me

I gather you want to work, but I don’t give a darn. Don’t needle me about my favorite spot; it’s tailor made for me. Hem and haw all you want, but I say “sew what?”

Via Alkula’s.

Photo Assignment Day #4: Floating Furball

“Sherm spent a good hour sleeping on the floatie while we talked.” –Craig G., Portland OR.



There is a LOT going on under the waves at First Encounter Beach! Blink, and you might miss it!

Tidal Pool FB from Briana Taylor on Vimeo.

“My boyfriend Jeff Derose made this video for me during our vacation on Cape Cod, MA. in the tidal flats of First Encounter Beach. The music from our friend Mike Langlie of Twink is used by permission. In my humble opinion, this is the cutest hermit footage ever to be seen!” -Briana T. [Agreed. -Ed]

Photo Assignment Day #4: The Mighty Finn

We just announced Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time a few hours ago and we’ve already been deluged with email submissions—like Finn!

Victoria tells us: “This is Finn, my husky pup. I submitted a pic of him before he was named and greatly appreciated the wonderful name suggestions! Here’s one of him now, almost 7 months, relaxing by the pool.”


Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time…

Photo Assignment Day #4 is here! Send us a photo of how your pet (or any animal) likes to stay cool in the summer. We might post them on this here very website. Now pass those Popsicles & turn up the tunes!

“We adopted Wally the Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot when he was 23 years old and had had two previous owners. He will live well into his sixties and I have promised him a forever home!” –Kris B.