Grasshopper Sets the Record Straight

First off, that part about how I didn’t save up for winter? Totally false. My pantry was so full, in fact, that I hired the Ants to build me a grain elevator. But before I know what’s happening, they walk off with my stash and spread rumors to the press, until now I’m some kind of poster boy for idleness. Total smear campaign.

Via Ivan-IDPhotos.

Sit! Stay! Splay?

We’ve got splayage of various degrees floppin’ all over the place heah!

This is Clover, before she learned to sit like a lady. -P.H. (This calls for, nay, demands, a sequel!)

Eat. Play. Love.

Don’t you wish you could be Milo for a day? Be honest. You’d make that deal.

Get your Milo fix here.

Did You Wake the Whole Neighborhood at 4am Again?

Ummm, no.

“You make funny faces, but I love you anyway: Tank rubs noses with his owner, Curt Willis, at a press conference for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. Tank is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, a breed competing in the show for the first time this year.” Photo: Seth Wenig, Associated Press San Francisco Chronicle

Omelette And The Mew-sician

“I came upon these two seriously adorable videos about pets and love, and I hope you appreciate them and share them on Cute Overload!” Sent in by Cuteporter Tatyana S.

Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.

The Mew-sician from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.

[What IS the music in the ‘Omelette’ video? -Ed]

Got Your GRUMPY Right Here!

tardarWe got an email from Dustin T.: “I work for a huge public arts facility in Huntsville, Alabama. We organized a group art project to create works based on the Grumpy Cat meme. Thirty-three professional artists created their own takes on the work. The mediums span everything from painting, to rug-hooking, to stained glass, to chain mail.”










(Hovers provided by their website.)

Cat Scan

Think you’re gonna need a little Windex for that glass.

Cuteporter Elizabeth W. posted that on the CO Facebookster.

Ozzy The Weasel’s War Dance: The Sequel

Ozzy The Weasel’s first War Dance was such a hit, it demanded a sequel. That’s how they do eet een Hollywood! And so it shall be. Go, Oz.

From Frisco68.

Dubious Distinction

Peeps! Meet the magnificent, Koki! (audience gasp)
Jodi M. shared with us that Koki likes to pick on the other cats. (audience cough)
Koki also enjoys a quiet patrol around the neighbourhood to make sure no other animals are on her turf. (audience murmur-murmur)
Yeah, and after that, Koki’s favourite thing to do is bring home …” (gets yanked off stage with a hook)

TMI, Jodi M.!Smiley

When A Photobomb Isn’t A Photobomb

This first photo might well have been a candidate for best photobomb ever–look at that earnest face popped right up front and center. However, the photobomber is missing the bombee. Better luck next time, Kili!


“These are pictures of my sweet girl Kili, now eight years old. She is a mixed long and short haired mini dachshund. She is best known for her crazy ear hair and tufted toes! Her favorite spot is on my lap and the laptop is Enemy Number One! I hope you find her as Cute Overload worthy as I do!” [We do! -Ed] -Abbie E.


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