To Squee Or Not To Squee

I’m gonna put my money on SQUEE right now. To review:

Verb: To squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl.
Noun: A feeling of excitement and happiness, such that one feels like Squeeing. “You wouldn’t believe how full of Squee I am right now.”

Are you ready for this?


Ow Chihuahua

I thought I could fly – but I just forgot how to land.

“My chihuahua, Oliver, dislocated his wrist jumping out of my mom’s arms. He was having a hard time chewing his bone with his cast! I thought this would fit nicely under Cute or Sad?” -Dana N.

I Can Haz Bedsheets?

There MUST be something down there…and I intend on finding out JUST WHAT IT IS!

“I absolutely love your site! Here is a video of our cat, Marco, who thoroughly enjoys slippery sheets. We call him our little running man.” -Elizabeth U.

Otter? What otter? Where?

Are you messin’ with me? Why I otter…

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 2.27.37 PM
Discovered over on Tastefully Offensive

Double Dip

George The Budgie dives in for a quick splash…then decides it’s twice as nice to go back a second time.

Video submish by Deb T.

Rabbit Ears

Not just for TV antennas, or rabbits for that matter, any more.

“This is Sabrina, a 5 month old German Shepherd pup who lives in Washington, D.C. with her big brother Tio – the cat. She brings joy to us and we hope seeing her face and bat ears will bring joy to you too!” -Sarah B.

Meet SpudMan

He seems to be the unlikeliest of superheroes, but what are ya gonna do? Maggie G. tells us the story.

“I am currently babysitting for a ug-dorable English Bulldog named SpudMan, so named because he resembles a pile of mashed potatoes. He’s deaf, and with that non-nose, doesn’t have the greatest sense of smell either. He’s usually pretty oblivious to his surroundings, but decided that he wanted to watch Mulan with me.”



Her Name Is Rio She Don’t Need To Understand

All Rio The Hairless McRattersons needs to do is GET CLEAN!

Post title from Duran Duran. (I’d have gone with “Splish Splash” but that got used last month, too soon to recycle. Besides, 80’s MTV references are cool. IMO. -B.)

Biff! Sock! Zap! Kapow! Zowie!

Do you sense a Batman theme? Of course! Could there be anything more incredible than Bat-tastic Bebeh Bat Yawns and Multiple Tongue Fleecking?

Yes, there could. How about a little Caped Crusader hanging upside down at the Oakland Zoo WITH ITS OWN TEDDY BEAR.

Video from Haley L. Photo of Kumba the Island Flying Fox found on the Oakland Zoo website sent in by Emilia.

We Got a Soft Spot for Fabio

Maybe those aren’t spots, maybe they’re chocolate chips.

One of those spots, is a tickle spot.

Or maybe it’s like a ladybug thing.

Fabio, when will you wake up and tell us about your spots?

It’s quite simple actually, Fabio just loves being in the spotlight.

“Fabio” (perfect name!) Sent in by Bronwyn B.