THIS JUST IN: Scottie Pinwheel

[Scottish accent]

“Here’s to the heath, the hill and the heather, the bonnet, the plaid, the kilt and the feather!”


Sent in by bonny lass Molly B.

The Science Of Snorgling

We’ve all done it.

You see a cute puppeh or kitt-tayns or even an OMGPONIES!!!!1 and you must SNORGLE it, STAT!

NBC says there’s a reason for that. (Thanks to Cuteporter Michele R. for the story tip.) In this article, they say “New research finds that seemingly strange aggressive responses to cuteness are actually the norm.” The story goes on to quote study researcher Rebecca Dyer, a graduate student in psychology at Yale. “We think it’s about high positive-affect, an approach orientation and almost a sense of lost control,” said Dyer. “You know, you can’t stand it, you can’t handle it, that kind of thing.”

Um, Duh.

Roxy the pup from Lincy A.

Red Shopping Bag

Red shopping bag, I fill you up

Let’s have a party, let’s have a party.

Red shopping bag, you’re more than just plastic,

You’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic.

And believe me that I’m not the least bit sarcastic

When I look at you and say:

“Red shopping bag, you’re not just a bag, no no!

You’re my, you’re my friend!

Thank you for being my friend.”

♪ ♫ Original Red Solo Cup ♪ ♫! Leah H. says, “We were so delighted when CO featured Scrappy back in June! Scrappy is still a little mischief maker. She likes to wrestle and play, and she still has the crazy eyebrows! Scrappy’s owners have responded very well to their cat training. They are now wrapped completely around her little paw. One of Scrappy’s favourite games is to hide and wait for unsuspecting feet to pounce on. Her owners tried putting a bell on her so it would be easier to find her when she hides (especially when she’s outside) but Scrappy wasn’t very pleased with that. It really interfered with her bird hunting. Photos by Lorraine H.

This Is My “Got Biscuit?” Look

Works every time. Hoomins are SOOOOO easy.

“This is Trixie!!! AKA Little Trix, Miss Puppy, TrixTrix, etc. :) Trixie shows off her puppy-dog begging face, which she has mastered.” -Caroline S.

Get Carded For A Good Cause

Megan W. sent us over a note about a project she is involved with, and we think it’s swell. What’s the score, Megan?

“We’ve been working with the owners of 13 of the most famous cats on the Internet to create a deck of playing cards that features photos of the famous cats on each card. It’s all for a good cause – all the proceeds raised from the deck will be donated to Stray Cat Alliance.”

Buy ’em here. Here’s their Facebookster, too. Meow n’ stuff.

Henri, Le Chat Noir

Lil’ Bub




The Eternal Battle Of Dog Vs. Cat

Mr. Man there on the left wants the toy. Kitteh sez NO.

Posted by Ignoramusky.

No Cats. No Rack. Aw, Rats.

A touching tale from sender-inner Deb S. “For a couple of wonderful years we had the pleasure of living with Domino — the cutest fancy rat with the most affectionate personality ever. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her recently and now miss her very much. We thought you might enjoy this video of her snuggling in my son’s shirt while nomming a piece of ham.”

Complete with video Nom-Hance!

A Twisted Tale

I love to nap ‘neath the twisted tree,
It’s the only tree for me, it seems
When I lie ’round its twisted trunk, you see
I have the most wonderfully twisted dreams

Via tanjila.

Prosh Poodle Overload: An Editor’s Nightmare

Sender-inner AT has you say?


Here we have Saya, Kikuma, Rinka,… (Pawsing, clicking through multiple Gmails) ah yes, Silvey. All four are so deadly off-the-scale cute, it’s hard to tell ’em apart. So we asked AT for clarifica-shuns.

Not sure we got them.

“Kikuma is the brown father, Rinka is the apricot mother.”

“Kikuma is 4 years old, 5.5 inches tall. He’s got stubby legs and floppy ears and looks like a stuffed bear.”

“Silvey is Kikuma’s silver aunt (5 years old, 4 inches tall). She’s got a large head, but with legs so short and squat it’s hilarious.” [So this is…..Silvey? -Ed]

[OK…so these guys are Kimuna and Rinka….right? What is Brinke trying to pull? -Ed]

[Temples throbbing. Still thinking Kimuma & Rinka (or Silvey), shopping the lingerie department. -Ed]

“Silvey’s got a large head, but with legs so short and squat it’s hilarious.”

[Gonna go with Silvey here. Maybe. -Ed]

[Got me here. Could be Snoopy for all I know. Stumped. -Ed]

“Saya is the mahogany-red daughter (1 year old, 5 inches tall).” [Is this Saya? -Ed]

[No idea. Defeated. Out of ammo. Time for a bowl of Alpha Bits. -Ed]


And we found a few more shotz of Kikuma in the files- [Are you sure it’s Kikuma? REALLY sure? -Ed]





CO World Exclusive: More Ponies Wearing Sweatahs

The world stopped turning (as well it should) once the photos of the PONIES WEARING SWEATERS hit the Interwebs.

BUT There’s more, People! These shots are CO Excluseefs, unseen until now! They come to us straight from Frances Taylor, via a friend of hers, Steph M.:

“They’re the photos that Frances took during the shoot. I am attaching the super cutest ones here, which have not been on any of the news sites that I saw, or Frances’ blog. CO Exclusive! Vitamin is the mom of Frances’ fabulous Shetland pony stallion, Millhouse Independent (aka Indy Ping Pong). Whiffy is Frances’ “fairy tale pony;” they have been together for many years.”

Fantasteek! And make sure you check out Frances’s calendar, too! (Hey, gotta help a calendar buddy, right?)





Photos by Frances Taylor.


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