It’s National Puppeh Day!

As the saying goes, “Every Dog Has His Day.” And so it shall be! National Puppeh Day ees today! So go find a puppeh and SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE!

[As HuffPo notes, the ASPCA and Petfinder are great resources for adopting. -Ed]







But there’s always a troublemaker, right?

Check hovers for creditos, and have a Great National Puppeh Day!

Maddie Is On Things Again

Maddie likes to get on things. Maddie’s on a book tour, too. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

All of these great images are from the flat-out brilliant Theron Humphrey.

Been Waiting for a Sequel to Rocky Raccoon?

Wait no more. These guys are cousins of Rocky; the cacomistles, and they’re lookin’ for revenge!

Lorie J. never knew cacomistles even existed until she saw them on Nat. Geo’s Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project!

Definitely See The Resemblance

Sometimes you wonder where Disney gets their inspiration.

Tedra O. sent this one in. Spelling assist from Pyrit.

Peeper Partner in Crime

Sorry, Froggy. Mom says you’re a bad influence on me. She caught me sticking out my tongue at her again. It was totally worth it though.

Columbus, Mississippi, 3-year-old Helen Imes gives a lift to a hitch-hopper. Photo by Birney Imes, Associated Press/SF

And The Votes Are Een!

Josh Norem AKA The Furrtographer has won the award for Best Pet Photographer in the Bay Area! We couldn’t be happier for Josh, and this little guy couldn’t be happier, either!

“Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!!! I love you guys and girls! i could not have done it without you!!!!!!! Seriously though, from the bottom of my heart and from all the kittens and puppies, thank you!! -JN”

(Photos by JN, natch.)

Friday Haku

No matter how cute your dog is, it’ll never be the cutest thing on a leash, now that we have Haku, the star attraction at this aquarium in Japan.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1! (We Call This Look “The Farrah”)

Positively Angelic, no?

The Firdinator sent this one in.

Totes Busted!

Did I rob a bank or sumpin’?

Kara E., as if the name, Kingston Pappy Van Winkle III, wasn’t enough, but a close-up too?!!!

24 Hours O’ Cute: Show Us Your Buns

We’re gonna crank up the 24 Hours Of Cute Machine on Sunday, March 31st. (Easter in case you didn’t know- haven’t you see all those Cadbury displays?)

Send us your best Easter-themed photo or YouTube video link. (OK, not that one.)

Maybe the photo/video is of !!! OMG BUNS ‘N’ CHIX !!!! Any animuhl will be just fine! Send ‘er in from now thru March 29th! (It would be swell if you’d put EASTER in the subject line, just so we’ll know. Ya know?)

Then all day long on the 31st, just sit back, blast off with a sugar high from the Easter Egg basket candy, and check us out!



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