HoverPup takes a break

[Rrrr-eee, rrrr-eee rusty swing sound]

Hover Pup need break.

Hover Pup tired of whizzing over sidewalk at knee-height like snow-ball with eyes.

Hover Pup tie-tie.

Relax HoverPup photographed by 小火(Fire).

Bunnaloons or Cataloons?

What’s hotter this season? [Runway music starts]

First, we have gaucho Bunnaloons. Pants that hug your shape and even look great with last-year’s Ugg boots.


Next up, if you’re looking for two-toned and slimming, try these straight-leg bunnaloons.


For the fuller figure, (though we don’t recommend white) try a skirt.


In cataloons this season, it’s all about the bold, Marmelade Muu Muu


Skinny with an active lifestyle? Choose this Velveteen number to give you curves! Ow!

And finally, don’t forget, orange arm bangles do wonders for concealing a pear-shape…


Special thanks to Project Catway/Bunway and Ronnie by Little Bay Poo. Yummy pear by RosyBunny.Trying for a better view… by Brandy Shaul. Scottish Fold Cataloons by Alvan Tan and Kit Ying S. cataloons in action by MissCrisp. Stand up by RosyBunny.

Well Exscuuuuuuse me, Princess

What am I supposed to have Nap-dar or something? I didn’t know you were sleeping in here!


Princess Morris, (who is actually Prince Morris) lovingly photographed by HelloMokona. Thank you for this mini ear-flap Scottish Fold moment.

Hon, we just ran out of colors to mark the puppies

We also just ran out of names.

And mini tennis ball pacifiers.

Love the splayed leggages of "Green". A family dinner is by alicudi.


Over the sidewalk!
Across the grass!
Is it an knee-high snowball!?
Is it a… mini-cloud with eyes?


PETER PAN by 小火(Fire) not to be confused with "Hover Ham", which is an entirely different super hero.

Veterans, we salute you!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]


I’m all ears.

No really.

All ears.

Tell me everything.


Christine even started a blog about her ear-pup! Check it out.

THIS JUST IN: Ani-matronic-pals

Ladies and Gentlemen, animatronic band overload! What a hilarious mash-up completely resurrected and re-programmed Rock-afire Explosion… 

Great submishe, Sparky ;)

Pass the mustard…

…and sauerkraut

and ketchup

and another beer.



You’re right Samantha H. I can’t resist this.

Hey Bebeh…

You and yer friend haven’t been around in a while. Nice carrots you got there.

You know what goes great with carrots? Courvoisier.

What ELSE might they like!? Pic of Momiji vs. The Pink Twins by the fabulous toutletemps.