Kids Goatin’ Around

Clementine (the all white goat): Tee hee! I totally tooted!

Huckleberry (the brown faced goat): Rude! These 3 day old legs of mine cannot get me outta here fast enough.

No kidding, Sara H., these are a couple of cuties!

Just A Spoonful…

of Hammy helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

Houdini sure makes lackluster day shinier, doesn’t he?

This happy moment brought to you by Hannah W.

Rule of Cuteness #49: If You Curl Up Into a Circle When You Sleep, It’s Cute

Could there be anything more cute and convenient than being able to use one’s own butt as a pillow? We think not.

From a photo set titled Puppy Needs Home by Flickr user mosaic36


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! Last week was amazing! Over 6,100 votes and 52% of you guessed correctly, a ferret. Really nice work, everyone. Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic toc. Tic toc. Buzzzzzzz! Time’s up.

Let’s get a hint from our special guest. “Since we three are all rodents, we have many similarities. We like to graze on grasses and leaves, we stick to the ground, are very social and vocal and have the same names for males and females – boars and sows. One of the things that sets me apart from the others is my multiple roles in television and movies. Good luck!”

Have you got it? Scroll down for the answer.

If you guessed c. a guinea pig, you were correct! Our thanks to this week’s sponsor, Kelly and see you next time when we play, WHAT! IS! THAT?

This Is No Mere Cat!

This is a talented street performer. Cajus the cat is one of those living statues, remaining still for hours at a time. He calls this pose “The Meerkat”.

And guess what? Cajus will do parties! You can have him at your next soiree and surprise the heck out of your Aunt Judy. His rates are very reasonable, just 2 fish an hour!

Book Cajus for your next get together through his agent, Alisa E.

Synchronized Sleeping

Dreaming in tandem
Under orange, yellow and pink.
Paws under chins,
Cozy and safe.

Stella and Suki are adorable, Shelly D.

Knight in Shyness Armour

Oh, gee, um …hi. (soft voice) I’m, …well, would you mind very much if I don’t run off to slay dragons today? (avoids eye contact) I hope you still like me.

Megan in Zimbabwe says, “Meet Champ, the baby orphaned pangolin! I took this photo of him about a month ago – his handler Ellen at Tikki Hywood Trust told me yesterday that he’s up to 2.5 kgs. He was orphaned as a little baby because his mom was killed by poachers. These animals are considered royal game in Zimbabwe, but even so, very little is known about them because they are very quiet and just roll into a ball when they are scared.
The nice ladies at Tikki Hywood Trust have also posted a couple of videos on YouTube, including one nice shot of Champ’s insanely long tongue. And one with him playing with a nekkid cat!

What Are They Thinking?

Animals are cute, clever and I believe they have a rich inner dialogue. Let us take a moment to contemplate their contemplations.

Let’s give it up for all of our sender-inners (in order of appearance): Hollie R., Carrie K., Daphne, Mona H., Steph R., waylonjack, Don, Sean Y., Josh N. and Ant.

And Now, Some Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted the Answers to

Could a kitten eat an entire staircase?

Do choosy squirrels choose Jif?

What would Superman look like as a place-kicking Pomeranian?

And finally, do we get funny pictures from Bonnie R., Stephanie F. and Ant?

Puppy Easter, Everybody!

Did everybody get a sugar rush from eating too much Easter candy? Too bad, here comes another one:


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