Bouncin’ Bebeh Bella

Bella on the move…to somewhere.


I found this ball. Is it yours?


I’ll just sit here so you can admire feed me.



“This is my baby Bella <3!" -Angela P.

A Baby Monkey, Lion Cub and a Couple of Tiger Cubs walk into a bar…

And everybody’s head exploded cuz they could not withstand the Nexus of Cute Squad.

Via Yahoo News

Milo Gets His Dig On

There’s something down there, and Milo wants it.

From the World O’ Milo.

Fiddling Around With A Laser Pointer?

Go ahead, but be careful with those and remember one thing.

Stuff happens.

Submitted by R0M4N Borisov.


Kitteh #1 seriously wants his friend to wake up. The friend AKA Kitteh #2, seriously ain’t havin’ it.

“I came across this video of two kittehs, and thought they might merit Cutevaluation.” -Submeesh from Barb B. of Concord, CA. Video by Trollswaggy3.

Now Starting At QB For The Boston Bell Peppers…

Give it up for this pugnacious pig- he’s been tearing up the lettuce league, even without his helmet chinstrap.

“I found this little guy in the depth of the interwebs. Thought he might fit to your website pretty well.” -Meri H. Headline by Smedley.


The newest sport among the trendy daredevil urban parrot set: Pole Surfing!

Via Ingrid Taylar.

Excuse Me Ma’am, This is the 5 Puppies or Less Express Line

You’re going to have to put one back.

Cory C., “These are my mom’s recent litter of 9 Golden Retrievers who at 6 weeks visited the vet. This was their first trip out of the house and you can see by their reactions that they were quite anxious (not at all). They are named for princesses (Buttercup, Cinderella, Fiona, Jade, Leah, Rapunzel, Snow White and Prince Charming….one boy).”

That Circle Of Life Thing Gets Me Every Time

Why does Mufasa have to die??

Hakuna matata, little buddy. As seen on SayOMG.

Police Nab Cold Blooded Suspect In Nebraska

(Full disclosure: Positively stole borrowed the brilliant headline from

It seems JP The Little Bearded Dragon Dude took a wrong turn somewhere—he usually hangs out Down Undah.

From Heather D-C.: “Saw this one on the news and wanted to share it with you guys. He is such a cute little guy and the one police officer hid in his car the entire time.”


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