Cliff Narfsteen, Walkies Champion

Since turning pro in 2006, Narfsteen juggles a busy schedule of interviews, endorsement deals, and an unforgiving training regimen. Here, we find him preparing for the National 10K Walkies.


Like Milk & Cookies

That’s how these two pups go together. Not just because they’re soft and sweet.
But also because it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Dunk one in the other and eat ’em right up.

“Earlier this year, I lost my dog of 10 years. The house was too quiet and everything reminded me of my Annie. I started considering another dog. A friend knew I was looking and told me her niece had some puppies. I was only going to get one. They were holding the last female for me. When I got there, I had to come home with two. Her little brother was just irresistible and they are the best of friends, Tucker and Tillie” -Amy C.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

…who’s the prettiest chinny of them all?

We thank Cuteporter Sarah K. for the photo and the headline!

Fifty Four Seconds Of Nose Twitching Action

No disapproval here. Just one dynamite little BUNNEH with incredible nose-twitch action. Just perfect for BUNDAY.

“So it’s that time of year again when I should be working on a project but am in the cute part of Youtube instead. Not my video, but I had to pass it on!” -Nicole D.

Mmmmm, PIE

Nothing better in the summertime than a big ol’ slice of apple kitteh pie, with some vanilla ice cream smothered on top.

“This is Rosinha again, the Beaker lover!” -Catarina M.

YAY It’s National Ice Cream Day!


“Here is how my pup enjoys her summer days!! She eats some ice cream! We’ve forever wanted to be on your site because we know Roxy is just the cutest!! We hope this is cute enough for you!!” -Shelby (And Roxy!)

Beautiful Kitty …

Even beautifuller (capitalized out of respect) Toe Hawk! Look at eet! Eet ees Outrrageouss!

“It’s not a full toebean. It is, however, some pretty spectacular toe-tuftage. This is Sida, my sweet little patchwork cat.” -Kate

Ever Seen a Bunny Melon?

It’s like a watermelon, but a lot cuter.

“Lollipop is chill’n by the fan!” -Ingrid B.

Soldier Snorgling

“I’m in the Army and my puppy is my stress-reliever. Her name is Sandy, named after my favorite Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, and she’s a six-month old Old English Sheep Dog. What a cutie!” -Tianyi X.


Saturday Flashback: The Eagle Has Landed

595px-Apollo_11_insignia (I know, it doesn’t have the alliteration that “Friday Flashback” has.)

Anyway. This is history heah.

It was 44 years ago this very night that man first landed on the moon. You remember, it was in ALL the papers!

Photo by the incredible Greg Downing.