Don’t forget to pack some cuteness! The Porta-Pom fits anywhere, to go wherever the fun is! Available in three sizes: Cute, Extra Cute, and Boom! Head Asplode.

Via twilighttavern on Reddit.

Taking a Bite Out of Caturday

If we listen closely, between boingy-boings, the kitty’s tail is saying, “Oh look, there’s a place where you haven’t bit me yet.”

Chuck the kitty is obviously a Zen master, Dana S.

Admiral, Whales to Starboard!

Thank you, Mr. Scott. These are sperm whales taking a floating snooze off the coast of the Azores. Why do they sleep “standing up”? Glad you asked.

Photo from Magnus Lundgren, of the National Geographic Society.

Cute Overload Crazy Caption Contest® WINNER

This one just begs for a “Goodbye Mr. Bond” post headline—we’ve got 007 on the brain cuz of the new movie. But this time it’s you—you our Devoted Readers, who will provide the headline!

Here’s the plan: have at it in the comments—suggest a terrific headline for this guy and we’ll pick a winner and that person will get a 2013 Cute Overload Calendar of their choice!

The winner will be announced TONIGHT at 9PM PT. GO!!!

//////////////////And our winner is://////////////////

“Do you expect me to talk?”

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to switch to Geico!”

Joanna Martinez, send us your info to cuteoverload@gmail.com! Make sure you choose which format calendar you want! Thanks to all for the incredibuhls submissions!

Photo by Crew, Jaycrew.

For the True Fish Lover!

Aromas of seafood; a unique blend of select ocean whitefish and tuna giblets filled the air. I couldn’t take it any longer! Mariner’s Mix Entree’ with Savory Gravy; choice cuts of tender fish sauteed to perfection in its own natural juices – irresistible!

Hope it’s not a false alarm, Danielle Levesque via Attack of the Cute


Since we’re in ‘Tocktober, does this mean Krypto has….Super ‘Tocks?

We thank Kecute.com for thees super photo.

Lemon: The Food That Plays With You

As we’ve seen twice before, there’s something about a lemon (or lime) that works like canine catnip. And now that we have a third example, it’s time to propose a new Rule of Cuteness: Puppy plus lemon equals comedy gold!

Note: Citrus fruits are bad for dogs, so don’t let your pet get more than a few licks in — not that they’re likely to want much more than that anyway.

It’s a Topsy Turvy World…

sometimes you have to change your perspective to cope.

This side up, Reddit user Blueridgemountainman.

Boo Has Something to Say

Boo, what are you going to say to Biscuit, your new cute competishe?

“Let’s go shoppin’!”

Now that’s a snappy comeback.Via People.

I… I Can’t Believe He’s Gone

We grew up together, he and I. When I was a kitten, I’d pull up my special chair, and we’d look at the world together in wonder, as only children could. Everything and everyone fascinated him, and he showed me that all people, rich and poor alike, had something interesting about them, something worth knowing.

And then the years passed. I grew up, we grew apart. I guess I took him for granted, assumed he’d always be there. And now… I just feel so… empty.

Via April Killingsworth on Flickr.


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