Donkzee. Jeepers, whaaat?

Or is it zonkdee? Wait, (clickety-click-click, sigh page-loadiiiing)… It’s a Zonkey! A bebbeh Zonkey! Ayy, itsa Italian, capeesh? Say, sì!

Baby Zonkey named Ippo is the only one in Italy, according to Italian news Ansa. If you think you love zebras, read about Ippo’s dad, and think again. That’s Amore’!


Excuse Me, Is This Yours?

Found it in the bushes over there. Prolly get someone to sew that back on for you.

A Pelican, Briefly

A customer stops by inquiring about the daily specials in Little Venice on Mykonos Island in Greece.

From the Canon EOS Rebel T4i of Cuteporter Stanley F.

I Don’t Want To

I don’t have to. You can’t make me.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 8.09.53 PM
“Please watch Tommy the chihuahua hide when she hears the word, ‘bath’ and consider posting on CO!” -Tommy and Gracie.

Kate & Wills Lof Teh Cute!

The new Prince has been dubbed, George! Orly? You don’t say. Very well. Then we shall hug heem and squee heem and call heem, George!!!

By George!

Very Curious, George.

“I cannot tell a lie.”



Customer: Good morning. My Mac seems to be a little sluggish. Could you check?
Genius: Sure, happy to. (Peers inside.) Hmmmmm.
Customer: What? Did you find something?
Genius: Yup. I think…you’ve been using the Paws key too much.

From BarkPost.

Hai! Karate!

Be careful how you use it.*

*Hipster ’60’s pop culture reference, as seen on The Big R. A homage to the CO Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance tradition.

Secrets of Stage Magic, Lesson 5

There are two approaches to the classic “disappearing ice cube” illusion:

Method One: Place ice cube on conjuring table. Distract audience with engaging patter for a few moments, long enough for concealed bird to pull ice cube into sleeve.

Method Two: Place ice cube on conjuring table. Distract audience with engaging patter for at least three hours, then reveal that ice cube has been replaced by water.

Bruce O. gives away the trick: “How does our pet Dusky-Headed Conure named “Scoop” keep her cool in this kind of weather? By hangin’ out in her sack and lickin’ on an ice cube!”

Admit It!

The crazy cat lady in you is a bit jealous!

“These 12 Save-A-Pet foster kittens redefine the phrase “cat tree” – Galahad, Orchid, King Arthur, Lancelot, Stache, Tristan, Pellinore, Polaroid, Simone, Pentax, Jonquil & Panasonic (top to bottom, left to right)” -Sandra Joy P.

Look What I Got

A brand new truck. All waxed up and ready to go. Now if I also had a driver, I’d be in business.

Heyyy! Let’s see if this thing can do 100 jowl flappings per hour!

“Peroni, the Italian Spinone.” -Mary C., “Just saw this post in the “Aww” section of reddit. So cute I had to send it in!” -Victoria L.