Flashback Friday

All her life Betty White has been an animal lover. As a child, her father adopted strays during the Depression. For over 60 years(!) she has lent her fame to many wonderful animal organizations; speaking at fundraisers, being an active member, making donations, and writing letters. At 91, Betty White still loves to spend days doing volunteer work with all the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo. Love ya, Betty! And thank Qte!

Los Angeles circa 1952. Actress Betty White at home with her dog. Photo by Maurice Terrell and Earl Theisen for Look magazine.


Bee’s ‘Tocks

K.H. is our Reader O’ The Day. He sent us an email with a subject line that read:


*Snerk* OK, so I was able to decipher this Net Newbie mess and we found a terrific shot of: Bee’s ‘Tocks!


Right after he sent that email, a mea culpa arrived. (Or maybe a Bee-a Culpa.)

“Holy crap, did I actually put that in the subject line? Like a grandma in 1994 or something? No, no, NO, I am NOT one of those people… yikes. I just hadn’t seen the change to how Gmail’s interface works when I click on an email link from another page… no wonder it wasn’t letting me do a carriage return. I AM SO EMBARRASSED. This is not how I am. Please. Do not remember me like this. Just look at the bees’ tocks. Thank you.” *slinks away*

始めまして (Nice Ta Meetcha)(Update!)

UPDATE!!! Cuteporter Andrew Y. just alerted us to a BIG OL’ HONKIN’ BATCH of new photos. Voilà!

Clipboard01 From now through September 13th, visitors to Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, can actually shake hands paws with Asian small-clawed otters. (English version of the site is here.) Folks dip their finger in Wakasagi Smelt extract, then poke it thru the hole.












Quoting Steve L. of Petslady.com, “The program is open daily from 11:50am on weekdays and from 12:40pm on weekends and holidays. Admission is 500 yen (about $5) and reservations can be made by phoning the Park directly. Due to the popularity of the program, you really ‘otter’ call before visiting.(+81-46-880-0152.)”


* Updated images 1-10 + video spotted on Rocketnews24.com.
*Remaining images (I think) originally from Kawausosu.com.

Where Do Penguins Learn To Fish? (Updated!)

Why, at Fish School, naturally.

Five Magellanic penguins born in May at the San Francisco Zoo will make their public debut tomorrow morning at 9:45am PT, in the official “March Of The Penguins” ceremony. Update: Here’s how the March Of The Penguins looked!

Photo by Andrew Dalton/SFist.

Friday Haiku: U Gotta Have Heart

Warm little puppeh
Has a big brown furry heart
Which he’ll give to you.

Photo by Jackie H.

Gone With the Wind

Hold on to your hat! I mean, cat! Swooosh!

Oh nooo! Where’d the cat goooo?

This way, or that way?

Christie the cat all blowed up, by Tammy S. of RowdyKittens.
“I have a rather floofy looking affenpinscher called Frank. Frank and I live in a really, very windy city called Wellington, New Zealand. Anyhoo, he and I went on our evening run to the top of a nearby hill where Frank romped around smelling the smells of many thousands of hectares which were being brought directly to his noz thanks to the particularly crazy wind we’re having today. I took some pics of him thinking, “YAAAAAAHHHHHHH THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!” Which in fairness to Frank is what he thinks about life most of the time.” -Emma

Wow, I Am Such a Big Fan…

I mean, the whole bigness thing you’ve got going, for a small dog like me, that’s a big inspiration. I guess, in my small way, I’m a big fan of bigness, er…

Via thecoolspringpack.

Japan Will Not Let Up

The Land Of the Rising Sun consistently kicks our butt outperforms the US when it comes to The QTE. We’re just helpless ovah heah. We just saw the otters shaking hands deal, right? Now this. Cuteporter William D. sends in an email with the subject line “Oh my, the one with the duck on his head.”

That gets my attention.

A duck on someone’s head? (FYI the top row that comes on at about 1:07.) Must check it out. So William goes on to say “Animated cute, but…have you seen this? It’s amazing. Japan wins the cute arms race again.”

Yes. Yes, they do.


The Mad Catter

I’m quite fond of this bed, but, then again, I’m quite mad!

A Burmese Birman cat named Gwash! Owned by Margaux D. a la Yummypets

The Bar Is OPEN

…but it looks like there could be a wait of up to 15 minutes or so. We’ll seat you just as soon as we can! In the meantime, feel free to browse our gift shoppe.

“Hi, my name is Julia. Attached is a picture of a fresh chocolate lab litter – my Aunt Gywnne posted this to her Instagram account with the caption, ‘The dilemma lays in choosing one.'”

[Yes, that would be a problem. -Ed]