Now For Something TOTALLY Different

Normally, automobiles don’t make it onto Cute Overload. But since these made my head explode, what the heck. #Japanisonarollthisweek.




Family Resemblance, but what family?

What do you mean, “what family”? Lessee in our tree we have marvelous meatloaf and Chex Mix and homemade melange du hodgepodge and leftover fruitcake oh yes. Let’s mix them all together. Yeah!!!

Josh Norem! (love these two guys, sooo cute.) Hank & Cruiser, who say, “See? We totally match!”

Good Kitten, Gone Bad

I been locked up! Just because …Well, what happened was… well, I was walking,

’cause I wanted to walk out there, then I wanted to walk back in here, but should I walk out there, or go back in here, or stay out, or walk back in, or go back out… there.

(sigh) FINE! I couldn’t help it! Lemme out there! I think. Wait. On second thought… I’ll stay in here. Maybe.

“This is our Bengal kitten, Olie.” -Abigail S.

Bee, Seeing You

I’m Officer Buzz from the Department of Hiveland Security. I’m keeping at least 175 of my eyes on you, so just keep moving and don’t try anything funny.

Via Orangeaurochs.

They May Not Be From Jurassic Park

but this kitty full of rawr and tyranny on two legs makes a rather superb T-Rex. And, watch out behind you Kit-T-Rex,

(earth shakes) Here come the Parakeetasaurs! Ka-boom …boom …boom …boommmm!

“My cat Moisie totally looks like a velociraptor… she’s channeling Jurassic Park, in a softer, fluffier, not-so-dangerous-if-you-blow-a-raspberry-on-my-tummy kind of way.” -Anne F., Small Animal Talk blog writer and veterinarian. Parakeets running in slow motion via YouTube

Farmer Bonzo Takes a Break

Ayup, the banana plants’re comin’ in good this yee-ah…

Via Rob Bixby Photography.

Tinkerbell Cleans Quite Well

Rio The McRattersons did a most thorough cleaning job if u recall. So let’s take a look at Tinkerbell! After she finishes, she jumps right up to her hoomin for what must surely be a warm n’ fuzzy rubdown.

All together now: AWWWWWWWWWW.

Me And My Shadow

Strolling down the avenue
Me and my shadow
Not a soul to tell our troubles to….NOW STAND STILL WHILE I BOUNCE ON YOU!

Spotted on the Intertubes by Karyn S.

Wait Til The TSA Screeners Get A Load Of ME

I mean, I don’t have a sweet gig like Boo has with Virgin– but I like to think I travel in style!

Meet Homer Jay Pug, people.

We’re Takin’ a Road Trip, Man!

You gotta come with us, dude! We’re gonna chase cats, and go on a hydrant crawl, and then we’re drivin’ to Florida! It’s gonna be righteous!

Via Faul.