New From IKEA!

Add a distinctive touch to any room with WØØF Stackable Puppy Heads, available in white (pictured), tan, and black. Also available: MEÖW Stackable Kitty Heads.

Another quality foraged link by Änt.

Caturday Massage

Oh jes. Dat’s niiiiice.

Another quality foraged link from Ant over at

No need for a tongue-hance

Holy Caturday Disapproval!

Obie the Exotic Shorthair is the new poster cat for Disapproval. Do you think it’s time for another Disapprove-Off!? Let us know in the comments!

Sender-Inner Beck B. says there are more adventures of Obie and his pal Bert over on their website.

One Ham’s Thanksgiving

As ya’ll know, I’m a sucker for anything ham-sized. Please see exhibits A, B and C. So when Sara H. sent in images of her Ham’s Thanksgiving dinner, I could not resist.

First the preparayshons. Please note giant corn kernel and breadcrumb “turkey.”

Of course it was a hit with Ham Gandalf, who snorted a turkey leg…

…in 2 seconds flat.

The pièce de résistance? A goblet of cranberry! And a very full, laid-back, stomach. Eiiigh.

Psssst, one more hamster-sized link here ;)

And now, another episode of Simon’s Cat: Catnap!

For your Caturday viewing pleasure. Will you place get a load of the latest addition to the Simon’s Cat family. A new kitt-tayns [head tilt].

Man, Simon really captures the personalities and sounds perfectly. Check out all the Simon’s Cat episodes at Thanks for the head’s up, Sara P.

Massive Cahones

Remember says Jorden C., if confronted by an adult-aged black bear, just be calm and act cool and merely ask the bear a question. Problem solved [clapping hands in ‘done’ motion]

Bootzilla ate too much turkey

Those teefs were working overtime, and now Bootzilla (um, what kind of dog name is that please tell moi in the comments) has to take a Time Out™.

Sara K. took this shot on her iPhone. [Patting back]

Why Trust Your Problem Child With Anything Less?

Parents everywhere! At your wits’ end? With our revolutionary behavior program, parents who have lost their sanity are finally communicating with the brat they love.

C.O.X.B.S.C.U.! [Cute Overload XTreme Bratty, Snarling Close-Up!]

Jason wouldn’t ever want to stifle Penelope’s grrrrrrowth, Renate.

Fighting over the leftovers

Kiara (the pekingese) and Arwen (the chihuahua) sharing a rawhide stick for Thanksgiving. Let’s give them a round of applause for not yipping at each other for a whole 2 minutos.


S.R., [holding out the wishbone in your general direction] Make a wish!


I ate too moshe
Too moshe is what I ate
I ate too moshe
I ate too moshe
I ate too moshe
I-eee-I-eee aaaate too moshe! (triumphant)

Baby Hannibal 5 weeks
Many thanks for the marvelous meal yesterday, Family! (and singing of our annual overheating song.)


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