As you can see, this Little Pommy is workin’ hard for his/her money! And, oh look! Swag!

Sent in by many a Cuteporter- thanks to you all.


You Make The Cute Noises, Kemosabe

(Say like the original Tonto and not the trendy Depp version.)

There’s a hot new porky-pine on the Intertubes and his name is Kemosabe. Teddy, you’re our buddy but it’s time to step up your game! It’s been seven months since your last clip!

The Tell-Tale Thpwonnnnnnngggg

It was a low, dull, quick sound — much such a sound as a kangaroo makes on a regulation diving board. Like a madman, I flew from room to room — parlor, solarium, bowling alley — in vain pursuit of the diabolical racket. “Ach, with the tormenting stop already!” I cried, but the thpwonging steadily increased… louder… louder… louder…

Three Words: Dancing. Bebeh. Stingrays.


“This is just too cute for words and the music just makes me feel happy. I thought you might like it.” -Allein S.

Pawdon Me,

Have you seen the dog that just booped mah nose?

“Our Great Dane pup, named Mini.” -Ryan C., of MiniPup

The Anatomy Of Smoosh

Sometimes a puppeh has so many folds, crevices and smooshes ya need a roadmap. One map, coming up! From Cuteporter Julia G.: “I think it’s really important for Cute Overload readers to know that no two smooshy faces are alike. Your dog’s smoosh may not be as complex as my dog’s smoosh or it may be even more complex.”


“It may have ear smoosh or lip smoosh but no neck smoosh. Or it may have oodles of neck smoosh with just a little bit of nose smoosh. A “smoosh” (lowercase) is known as the head/maw/neck of wrinkly faced breeds!”



~Le Creditos~
*Anatomy of Smoosh Credit: Canines & Couture.
*Photo Credit: Perception Matters Photography
*Your infographic puppeh model today was “Ru.”
*Photos 2 & 3 from Canines & Couture.

Sorry, the Puppet Show’s Over

My next performance of “The Brave and Virtuous Kitten Versus the Evil and Oppressive Field Mouse” will take place tomorrow at ten o’clock.

Via kalleboo.

The C.O. Guide to Carnivorous Furniture

A cunning and patient hunter, the Kitty-Eating Loveseat (chompus felix) lures its prey into its upper cushions with promises of tuna and acting work.

“We have this super cute picture of our cat Gaston and we thought you might like it for your website :)” says Maxime M. from France.

You’ve Heard of Eau de Toilette

But Eau de Turtlette, not so much.

“The turtle was only here for a brief visit, it’s not ours and it doesn’t really have a name! The bunny’s name is Nijn (Dutch abbreviation of konijn = rabbit).” -David & Barbara

The Bunday Dust Bunneh

Ya missed a spot in the corner, Benzo.

Photo of Benzo The Bun by Melissa.