Ever Had To Sleep In The Doghouse?

Now, would ya rather stay here…or a Holiday Inn?* Thought so. Presenting the Dog Bark Park Inn (aka Sweet Willy.) Now, if you find yourself in a certain little corner of the world called Cottonwood, Idaho– check out this two-room Bed N Breakfast shaped like, well, a beagle!









Dog Bark Park
Photos 1-4 from Dog Bark Park Inn, 5-9 by Alan Levine.

*Not that there’s anything WRONG with Holiday Inns.

Kleenex Ready, People?

Big Ol’ Bugaboo hasn’t seen his hoomin Lt. Gary D. in six months+, and it’s time to make up for that! I’d get out an entirely new tissue box before hitting the button. The lighting on this one is a little dodgy, but it’s worth it.

This Never Happened To Kermit

Rain Rain Go Away—
Come again SOME OTHER DAY! (Please.)



Spotted on Buzz and The Sun. Photos by Penkdix Palme.

Milo Picks Up Another Gig

It seems Milo has gone Hollywood with his latest presentation.

Milo’s World is open 24/7.

Ooh, I Am So Vexed!

It’s true, I am feeling most indignant, cross, and disgruntled! Do not fawn and coo over my adorable face, complete with patented Angry Eyebrows™, for this only vexes me further! Make no mistake, I certainly have a bee in my bonnet today!

Via Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem.

What’s the Magic Wooorrd? (singsong)

You don’t have to understand a word of Doglish to appreciate what this pup is sayin’.

Captain Obvious here.

Tail waggingks.

Side eye action.

Oh, for the love of Pete!


Buckley and ball, by Benjamin D.

Ch-Ch-Chaaaain, Ch-Ch-Chain…(UPDATED!)

Watch Jed Clampett ZZ Top Dude boogie with his buddy! Somehow I don’t think this is what the Queen Of Soul was thinking about when she recorded this song.

Spotted on Cindy Spicer’s 99.1 WQIK page, and also submitted by several Cuteporters including Anna C. More deets can be found on Rolling Stone.


There’s more, People! WHAT IN THE WORLD.

Hair Emergency!

Help! Can you fit me in for a shampoo and set?

Via docoverachiever.

Enter the Jungle

The endless jungle, home to abundant wildlife. It is said there is a pool of snorgling in the middle, but nobody can say for sure, because no one’s ever come back from it.

“This is my cat, Lily. She’s a “Yooper” (we’re from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!) cat and isn’t quite used to the humid weather we have been getting. She decided that laying on her back is the best option for cooling off. I’m not sure if I own a cat or a teddy bear…” -Angela

She’s The Pride Of The Neighborhood

Cuteporter Julie W. zipped this one in. “This is Josie, who was found wandering sad and lonely on an abandoned stretch of Sarasota road, about two weeks ago. We think she’s a Boxer/Dane mix, maybe 2-3 months old. She’s settling into her forever home with me, and thinks that mid-morning pee breaks are a chance to mug for the camera.”

Whoops, a PS from Jules:

“I TOTALLY FORGOT! There is a haiku to go with this photo:

Puppy in cool grass
Basking in the summer sun


Assist from W. Becker & D. Fagen.