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Elizabeth V., you are a TRENDSETTER


I would not believe it unless I saws it with my own eyes, People. Will you please check out these anerabuhl sloths slurping each other:

Sender-Inner and photographer Halie says: “I managed to capture a really adorable moment between three baby sloths who were just reunited in their box after baby time (when we take them out for walks around the garden.)” OMG STOP IT.

Simon’s Cat (and Mouse)

THIS JUST IN: A new episode of Simon’s Cat where a persistent cat helps Simon finish his work.

Thanks to Sender-Inner Sara P.

Such Depth

1. You’re a suburban housewife who just discovered some undies in the warsh that AREN’T YOURS! Go!

2. You’re Jackie O, on a sunny day at the wheel of a Lincoln convertible. Go!

3. You’re a gunslinger surveying the Western hills for your dropped pack of cigarillos. Where are they!? Go!

You’re right, parrots CAN be cute, Shawna B.

OMG your shag carpet is to die for

Really, it’s gorgeous. [Stares down]

Rivals my own fur even.

We admire your work Rakam & Cupcakes.

Spy vs. Spy

Alone in the remote shadows, Spy Kitten watches his high-profile target. Years of rigorous training have made him a master of concealment, undetected by anyone…

… or so he thinks.

And now, Jason W.¬†with a true tale of survival: “This picture is of my brother’s cat that he just got the other day when it rode in the engine compartment of a car for 45 minutes to where the people were going. My dad found it and my brother adopted it.”

Hovering Room Only

When Hurricane Irene blew into Virginia, she rudely sent the region’s hummingbirds into hiding. But when the coast was clear, they buzzed back for their nectar rush.

We Found the Problem with Your A/C

Yep, turns out you had a puppy blocking your vent. That’s also the source of that flapping sound you’ve been hearing.

Someone Clearly Didn’t See “Wall-E”

Because if this cockatoo had, he would have remembered its most important rule: When you see a laser spot on the ground, don’t grab it – run like hell.

Maru Mystery Solved?

Many readers have remarked on how clean the floor is in Maru’s home. Now at last we may know the secret: Keep Maru annoyed by moving his box, and his swishing tail does all the work.

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