Friday Haiku: Ready 4 Take Off

Cute tiny butterflies
Grow up from caterpillars
And fly to the sky

Photo By Bonnie Vculek/Associated Press, as seen on SFGate.


Flashback Friday

Boss Cat knows the Rules of the Road. It’s meow way or hit the highway.

Via Old Timey Cats

And So Then I Said To The Hoomin….

“…the litterbox needs cleaning. And how about some Petromalt for my hairballs? AND I haven’t been to the groomer in months! And I – hey! Have you heard a WORD I’ve SAID?”

Submitted by Maia L.

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Helps Pack

I don’t think that’s gonna fit in the overhead bin at this point.

Puffling Alert For All North Berwick Residents!

Don’t forget to check under your cars for pufflings! Sometimes they wander into the seaside Scottish town after leaving the nest for the first time, and hunker down underneath cars.

“I thought this was something that should feature in The Cute, if only to make sure everyone knows to check under their car for pufflings! (Just the name is cute, don’t you think?) I read the T&Cs and hope this complies.” -Antonia (Sent from my iPad.) PS- Hi-res photo sent our way by Andy M. at the Scottish Seabird Centre.


It’s been nothing but meetings and putting out fires all…week…long. Hold all my calls, I’ll have my usual Friday Martini please. And a Tynenol, I’ve got a splitting headache. On the plus side, though: I found my Nemo.

From The Interwebs.

Rattie Loff

“Hi! I’d like to submit my little rats Bombay (left) & Mojave (right) – they are both 4.5 months old and clearly love each other and like to show it! Photo taken by me!” -Lily S-W.


Cute-iny on the Bounty

The never told story of how the ships’ crew is a bunch of bumbling swabs who don’t know a scupper from a scuttlebutt. Hide the rum, somebody’s butt is being scuttled! It’s the Perfect Storm. Dust storm that is.

Fave Mayday Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.30.02 PM
“I wanted to share one of my recent videos showing the whole chinchilla family taking a bath on a dust bath ship! It’s one of my absolute favorites as of late!
The chinchillas are: Mochi – Mom, Taro – Dad, Soju & Saki – the children (they are bothers). Love the site and keep up the CUTE!” -Scott from ChinTube.

Buttless Monkey Jams

A friendly reminder—-‘Tocktober is a mere TWO months away. This friendly update brought to you by Stumphrey.

(*Thanks to Petless In Puddletown for the header. Wow, second ‘butt’ reference today! *Snerk*)

THIS JUST IN: I’ve Got A Wet Butt!

Oakley doesn’t care if he ever sees a bathtub again. Either that, or one too many Red Bulls in the water dish.

From Klaatu42.