Yo, Got Any Clif Bars?

Us Gentoo Penguins can get kinda hungry down here in Antarctica.

Via The Big R.

♫ Me…And My Shadow…♫

Little Mr. McDuckersons signed up for his school’s Job Shadow internship program. Kitteh did not get that memo.

We’re (Roman) Positive about this one.

“CO Doesn’t Feature Enough Owls”

That’s what a reader wrote. Well, we appreciate the feedback, and consider that gross injustice FIXED right here and now.

First off, here’s a Saw-Whet Owl cooling off at the Blanford Nature Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Video sent in by Cuteporter Karen.

Then, we got a lengthy email from the owl eagle-eyed Peter G. Check the hovers for Peter’s description of this Owl Rhode Island ResQte!

(AND learn about donating to the Born To Be Wild Nature Center.)











Gizmo Acts Like A Cat

Gizmo is told very clearly not to touch the hazel nut.

Gizmo does not care.

Submitted by Carol W. Owned and filmed by Margery C.

Caturday Emporium

~ Fine Purveyor of Cute Caturdays Since 2007 ~

The trusted choice for marmies and tabbies.

High quality kittens and floof.

A world of select wheeskaires.

and extraordinary kitteh bellehs for extraordinary snorgling.

Behind The Scenes With Simon (And His Cats)

Just the other day we showed you a Simon Snow Cat– now we get a chance to see how it’s really done!

Ginger…Or Mary Ann?

I’d say Mary Ann appears to be the safer bet of the two at this point.

Cuteporter Tanya S. writes in: “Let me introduce you to my cat, Ginger :-). She loves climbing into purses, and demands that you rub her nose if she lays on you. Enjoy!”

[Ginger looks like she’s locked into search & destroy mode if you ask me. -Ed]


Trilly, Gotta Learn To Pick Your Battles

This probably isn’t a good one to pick.

“Trilly is trapped in the kitchen and she swears she didn’t eat the cat food. Napoleon, S’mores, and Peter beg to differ and there will be…consequences.” -Shelly B.

Have a Good Wheeeeeeeee-kend!

Go, go Golden! Dash away dachsund! Pug passing through! Leapin’ labradoodle!
Aaaand the rest of the gang, including a roly-poly corgi, a Frenchie, a boxer and a PEEG with sparkly rabbit ears, say, “Naaaah we’re good.”

Fave Frame:

Featuring our possum pal, Ratatouille, from Liberty Mountain Resort!

The Zen Of The Capybara

Grasshopper, to achieve total peace and enlightenment, you must become one with The Capybara.

Once you have done so, you too will know the true meaning of Squee.

[Now, is it ZEN or is it TAO, like ‘The Tao of Pooh.’ Anyone know? -Ed]

From Callie H. who says: “I noticed that there is a shortage of capybara posts on Cute Overload! [True! -Ed] Here are some super cute capybaras enjoying some spa treatments.”


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