Awkward Family Photos

Hurley and Preston are just hangin’ out. Real casual, on the tree in the front yard. Nuthin’ unusual here—EXCEPT THEIR HAIRCUTS!


Sophie G., this photo fits riiiiiiight in at awkward family photos

C.O. Moving Tips

When packing your cute creatures for a cross-country move, be sure to wrap them in several layers of shock-absorbent packaging. Using a sock, as shown here, will protect Teh Qte from bumps and bruises without the use of wasteful plastics.



San Diego will make a nice change from Maine, Kendra H.

THIS JUST IN: New episode of Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat is getting into troubs again. Poor Simon, he just goes about his daily life, and his cat antagonizes him at every turn. This time, the Kitteh Terrorism involves… a heat lamp.

Susan H., I think the “moww” sound effects are my favorite part. See ALL episodes here…


Check out this panda Mom, she’s all holding her head going: “I had this dream! This dream last night that I had a behbeh! It was so real!!!”




Nice Panda molecule, Steve W.

The New York Lottery Must Be Stopped

Not content to disrupt a peaceful slumber party, now those noisy goons from the New York Lottery are crashing a bucolic Bunday picnic at (what’s left of) Coney Island.  Have these people no sense of decency?

Wanna split a funnel cake Nathan’s hot dog, sbovio?  Theresa’s buying.

Caturday. The last word.

And finally tonight, here’s what your cats are really thinking when you’re yakking at them all baby-talk-like:

You’ll remember this famous translator from “Two Cats Talking” right Neil F.?

Caturday Mexican Stand-off





How will it end!?

Sender-Inner and Strategerizer (strategy + tenderizer) Elva S. sent this one in.

“So, in a nutshell…”

“…the outfits on Project Runway are getting waaay too costumey.”


Flying Squirrel Forest Fashion via Snuzzy, sent by “Ant” at Ant’s Quality Foraged Links. Caption improved by Kar the Kommenter

If Elvis Returned as a Moth

Thank you, Thank you very much… [sneer]


Light Attraction photo and caption was created by rivadock4 and suggested by Celeste R.

A box labeled “Schnozzle”

We hoped the movers had used enough packing bubbles.

Had the ‘Fragile’ stickers worked? Had Schnozzle made the trip in one piece?

There was only one way to find out.


Nose-out-of-the-box – Thanks! is by orangedroplet.