Sunshine… on your muzzlepowshe…


Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high.
Photo Credit goes to Boo!

Put me down before my eyes pop out, K?

If you’re old skool, you remember the original Hover Ham back in the day. That post is so old I can’t even find it. This has far better leg-danglage anyway.

No seriously. Plink!

I blame Pyza for the hovering hyjinx.

Could you zoom out please

Thank you so moshe:

Amy M., that was an XTREME CLOSE UP

‘Tockin’ and Eatin’

Um, Sender-Inner Vivian W., I don’t know HOW you managed to capture your hamster’s ‘tocks so perfectly. I mean look at this specimen!


And, turn to the right [say in police officer voice]


These pics should obvy be outlawed, with you under arrest!

Wrinkle in the Grass

Honey, some wrinkles sprouted up in the grass overnight.

Could you go pull them out?

Dave M., try Sharpei-B-Gone next time.

Stop lookin’ at my hairy ‘tocks

WHATCHOO LOOKIN’ AT [swivels head around]


Please take him to an ant-sized barber, Brandon H.

Attempted plinking

This behbeh Pom is hereby guilty of ATTEMPTED PLINKING!

Plink [NOUN] The sound eyelids make when closed; e.g. ‘plink-plink!’

So tie-tie on Caturday Night

I’m so tie-tie I’m gonna nap in this bowl.


OK, now I’m really gonna nap in it:

Via DListed and NTMTOM.


The world can’t get enough of Boo. And by the world, I mean me.

Here is another pic, this time in a filingk cabinet, of the FaceBook-famous Pom pup.

More to follow! Promise!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boo.

A little bird told me about Boo, the redonk Pomeranian with over 30,000 FaceBook page likes.

Boo’s cuteness is SO POTENT, SO REDONK, that we may need to push Caturday aside for once and post Nuthin’ but Boo pics all day. [looks dreamily into Boo's squishy eyes]

Chief Sister Officer, can you reveal the submitter’s name!?


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