Know Your Obscure Superheroes!

By day, Claude Flapscratcher poses a mild-mannered tax accountant for a chain of kosher dry cleaners. But whenever evil flourishes, when citizens cry out for justice, Claude dons his multi-spectral crime-seeking goggles and becomes… InsectiPup!

Cheers Tameka & Sachmo

I Want My Money Back

Seriously, I’ve used a lot of backyard recreational equipment in my time, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen. Slipshod construction, flimsy materials, totally unsuitable for its purpose. First thing tomorrow, this goes back to the store, and I’m never buying another trampoline from those people ever again!

Caveat emptor, Stephanie T.

We hold these cutes to be self-evident…

That all kittens are created equal.

Like, do they think it’s Martin Lion King day, Shannon?

One of the first signs of a nut allergy is…

…rapid swelling!

That sure is one cheeky chipmunk, Jessica L.

Highlights from Last Night’s Awards

Our red carpet reporters say that this year’s buzz was all about feathers, feathers, and more feathers! Here’s lovely Anne Hamthaway in a luscious pink creation by Revolving Dior…

… meanwhile, rising star Olivia Wildcat looks more like a lion in this stunning white ruffled gown by Oscar de la Rental.

Thanks to paparazzi Meagan E. and Courtney P.

The Dog Napper

Has caught another one.

And they all catch some Zzzzzz’s, Kina and Michael Y.


Sent in by MobileMeesha.

Psssst! Hey, buddy,


You wanna buy a watch?

Maybe next time, Carmen

You’re On Notice, Mister!

“All right, Tom Nom, or whatever your name is, I’m on to your game! You like to make us animals look stupid by putting silly words in our mouths!

“Well, that garbage stops right now, pencil-neck! I’m putting on my stern face to warn you that if you pull that with me, I’ll monkey fusebox your argyle butterbean frackety garble bibbity-bobbity-boo!”

And the moral, Nieske V., is: Don’t annoy a writer.

No You Cannot Go Out!

Remember what happened last time?

You got banned from the zoo, the dry cleaners, and that cat will likely, um, EAT YOU.

Let’s not even mention the duck pond incident, Baxter.


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