Today Ees National Hug Your Cat Day!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it- is to find a cat. Then hug it. (Any size cat/kitteh will do.) Alternatively, a massage will also work nicely. This has been a Public Service Announcement from Cute Overload.

From DP.

This Is How It Is DONE

Snorgling a little furhead. What could be BETTAH? Speakers up for The Squeakingks!

Shad8623 shared this vid-e-o with us.

Hot. Pink. Slugs.

Only in Australia. Of course! Have a look and have a listen:

No Barbie Dreamhouse should be without them!

From Treehugger, for all your green, or hot pink, news.


Little Sqwerl Fella doin’ his very best audition for the next Tarantino movie.

From the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation FB.

Lily Loves Her New Pad

“There’s so much space, and it’s really close to the water!”

Via Ingrid Taylar.

Otter You Up 2, 3, 4?

May 9, Oakland Zoo, CA. Ginger the River Otter gave birth to three baby boy otters.

They are named Kohana (Sioux for swift),

Hinto (Dakota for blue)

and Shilah (Navajo for brother).

Not sure how Ginger got her name, but she might be named after Ginger Rogers.

This is Ginger’s third litter.

In 2011 Ginger gave birth to a boy and girl, Tallulah and Ahanu. Ginger had a second litter in 2012.

Come on in! The otter’s great!

8724863232_21660c85d0_z, Photos by Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group.

Oddball in the Corner Pocket

Chalk it up to a stroke of genius: When this snookered cat needs a break, he comes in right on cue and runs the whole table — er, I mean living room.


Dear Diary…This Is Too Much- Must Pee On The Bed

When life seems hopelessly…er, hopeless, that’s about all there is left to do.

The Sad Cat sequel, from zefrank1.

Hakuna Mah Tatas

It’s our bra free philosophy!

Busted! “My best friend’s cat taking a nap.” Sara Ö.

Stay Furr-sty, My Friends

970771_605428959467844_772653617_nThis is Hamilton The Hipster Cat. Quoting “He is….the most interesting cat in the world.”

Hamilton was having a hard time getting adopted at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, because he was a bit on the nervous side.

His new hoomin Jay S. saw something others didn’t, and now Hamilton is rockin’ the Interwebs. You know, Instagram, Facebook, the usual!



Photos from Ham’s Instagramster.


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