Tales of Corporate Espionage

Of all the secrets in the business world, none is more closely guarded than the formula for Coca-Cola. So sensitive that executives entrusted with it may not fly in the same plane and memorize only one ingredient each in the extinct Sumerian language of Mesopotamia, it has so far evaded all attempts at detection, the most recent by agents from rival Kitty-Kola.


Friday Haiku: The Dog Daze Of Banjo

Sidewalks and playtime
And don’t forget Alex Trebek
That’s Banjo’s routine.



“Meet Banjo, a twelve week-old Neapolitan Mastiff from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves treats, snoozing, snuggle-time, and of course – Jeopardy!” -Jed D. & Bridget B.

Best Friends

Take a look at the Winner’s Gallery for the Best Friends Animal Photo Contest! Here are some of the winning entries below- check the hovers for specific deets from the contest website. (Every photo submitted is a winner if ya ask me.)









Maru/Hana UPDATE!

Mugumogu has posted again about Maru and their new friend, Hana. Yep, according to Wikipedia (and Cuteporters Jouni (Cyberpunkrocker) R. from Finland, Nikki K., Andrew Y. and David P., reporting from the field) that’s the name!

Here goes:

“The day before Chibi cat is coming, round of exploration in the good old cage. As soon as it was put Chibi maruha, the cage once a not good at confined, large screaming in protest. (Not mind if you open even door.)”


“The day Before When a kitten comes over ‘. … like not like there is a trauma softening.’ This cage reminds me of my childhood: Maru Marsan care of Sorry It is not, but tomorrow, important customers will come here. Hey Maru, an important guest will come over to this cage tomorrow.”


“‘Customers important …?’ Maru [An important guest?] Next day, Chibi cat IN at that. And the kitten came over the next day data Chibi cat nose (one second ease nominal.) Name: Gender: Female hybrid type: Hana: Kitten’s name Female Mongrel.”


Flashback Friday

Get your snorfer runnin’, head out on the highway. Lookin’ for adventure …

“September 1934: Mrs. C. Wylds behind the wheel with her pet pig at Terling in Essex.” Vintage pets acting like people, via Mental Floss

Thor? I’m Not Thor…

I’m jutht sthiff from thtanding in thith thilly thuper thuit, thath all.

Found on Facebook by Constance.

Did We Get The Memo For World Cat Day?

Guess not, but quite a few Cuteporters did! (Example: “OH NOES! Put up cat cuteness STAT!” -Kate T.) OK, sure thing. But is this Riley, or Harper? Kate, ya gotta tag your photos with their names!

(UPDATE: It’s Riley.)


AND…..how about a kitteh in a Cool Whip container?

Thanks to DP&F.

The Connoisseur Speaks

What do I look for in a fine wine? Well, I could bore you with the stock response about a heady aroma, subtle tones of fruit, a clean finish, that sort of thing.

Or I might speak instead of that intangible spirit only great wines possess: That rare ability to transport the soul from the mundane table to lands far away, the bistros of Paris, the sands of Ibiza, where life and wine are savored as no place else.

But I’m a cat, so I just like to count the bubbles.

Marilia C. writes: “Arya is my stray cat, I adopted her when she was 1 month old. She is like a shadow… and inspects everything I do.”

Shake Your Groove Thing

Shake your groove thing yeah yeah, show ’em how we do it now. OMG THE WIGGLING. AND THEY’RE WEARING SWEATUHS. BUMPIN’ BOOTIES, HAVIN’ US A BALL, Y’ALL. Whew.

Lamb Lamb Style from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


“Have you featured this video yet from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary? It’s ridiculous!!!” -Kimberly B., Coast/Canyon. Header and text from Peaches & Herb.

Bob, We Need to Talk

Listen, a bunch of the other guys at the dorm asked me to tell you there’s, well, something about you that you need to know. It’s kind of a loose end, you might say, and it’s been hanging there awhile, but I don’t want to stretch it out any longer, so here it is: You talk in your sleep, and we’re all rather curious about who this “Beatrice” is.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, kudos on the drool thread.