UNBELIEVABLE!!! She Stuck the Landing!

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Mission: Redonkulous

Good morning, Mister Phelps. We have tracked the illegal kibble trade to the tiny nation of Barkistan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to impersonate their dictator, General Fernando Fluffikins. This post will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim.

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Markdown Lockdown

Nights are the worst. Lights out, stale air pressing against your fur, nothing but the wail of a harmonica from the action figures aisle to remind you you’re even alive. Rocco and Spots, they’ll make parole easy — one flash of those big eyes and they’re out the door. But a mug like me? I’m here for life, baby.

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Can I Play, Too?

Your time will come, little man.

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Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

I’m not drooling! All that crunching and munching is just making my mouth water. That’s different!

Revenge is a cold dish, Svo S.

On The Lam

Boy: They’ll never find us.
Pup: They haven’t even noticed we left.
Boy: Let’s get outta here. Thirty-One flavors?
Pup: Cool. You’re buying.

Soul Smile c/o Ned Hardy.

NYC Halloween Doggeh Parade Today!

Cute Alert® for CO NYC Peeps! Today’s the day for the 22nd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade!

It all starts at noon Eastern Time! Click here for more details, and here for a helpful map to the festivities if you’re in the area.

The website says “Tons of prizes for doggehs in costume, and lots of treats!”  (We assume the treats are for the doggehs.)  Looks like an iPod raffle, too.  (We assume that’s for the hoomins.) Here are some photos from the 2011 event! Are you going today? Send your photos here!

All pix via The Guardian by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images.

Good Day, Sir

Would you be willing to take a 10-minute survey about surveys? All you have to do is answer a survey about taking a survey on surveys. (headtilt, blink-blink)

Does this meet or exceed your expectations? If not, why, Lynn L.?

Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster ResQte!

Poor Bebeh Trunkster! Now the little guy gets himself stuck in a well! Watch from about 4:00 on. He hauls ‘tocks until- well, see for yourself.


Fine work by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants.

THIS JUST IN! World’s Smallest Pup Alert!

The Daily Mail is reporting there is a new S.D.I.T.W. (Smallest Dog In The World) People.
“Suni” the pup weighed only 0.1 pounds at birf:

…and is dwarfed by a mobile phone:


All photos by CEN/Europics. Read and see more over at The Daily Mail.


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