What a Ripoff!

This place hasn’t been the same since they hired that new barista. They used to put lots of marshmallows in my hot cocoa, and now look!

One lousy marshmallow, and it’s all the way at the bottom, grumble grumble

We’ll buy him a whole bag, Stosh L.

Groom for Improvement

… and do you, Ken, take Genevieve to be your wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or more richer, to honor and obey, to squeegee the shower door without having to be reminded, to sit through weepy costume dramas even during the playoffs, to wait quietly at the shoe store without squirming, to act unimpressed when a Victoria’s Secret commercial comes on, for as long as you both shall live?

Then, by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you…

… ah, as a general rule, we would prefer you wait until after the ceremony…

I give it six months, Kristen L.

It’s Rewrite Time, Pal

Listen, Mother Goose, or whatever the heck your name is, I don’t feel like bein’ baked in no pie, see. So just whip out that red pencil and make it “four and nineteen blackbirds,” if you know what’s good for you.

Eh, what’s one more or less, Krystal?

[Comes up from blanket] Did the Steelers win yet!?

SuperPup TJ picks a winner:

TJ is ready for the Super Bowl, and Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 2pm CDT
We featured TJ and Teddy during the PREVIOUS Steelers Superbowl too. BTW, TJ could give Boo a run for his moneh.

Heisman Ham is BACK

“This is a GAME OF INCHES, Men. This is NOT the practice wheel—this is the effing SUPERBOWL. Kick off is in five minutes—Now go balls out to make it the best damn day of your life.”

Kiss your wife like it would be the last time, and GO GO GO!

Super Bowl Potty

This flea-flicker’s tight end is out of bounds.

Thanks for being our “go-to guy”, Duke, and Jenna B.

Saturday Night Side-eye

Don’t you even THINK of glurping me or nothin’! [Eyes roll back to cast menacing focus on human]

Patreek found this one. (‘ )(‘ )


Will you please check out this redonk miniature-wallaby-baby-in-a-powsche action:

Sender-Inner Maddie B. swears her backyard visitor presents rules 42, 25 and 13. Agreed.


Mini McCheetersons is spending a Caturday in a bucket. Hopefully he’ll sproing out of there soon.

Via Catasters (Cats + Disaters = Catasters) <-OK…? [shifty eyes]

Old MacDonald Had a Pomeranian


[Verses continue in the comments…]

Made possible by John Deere and Sender-Inner Ramona.


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