There’s Birds, Then There’s Pichí

There’s cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.


There’s Rolls Royce, then there’s Pichí.
Pichí says, “Ahem. If you’ll permit me, there’s Rolls Royce cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.”
. . . . Silly Pichí, there’s no such thing as a Rolls Royce cream puff.
Pichí says, “There is now.”
  8412591030_1a23eb00bd_bFrom Ana F., “Hello, my name is Ana and I have a lovebird, it´s name es Pichí. He always live free with me in a small loft in Canary Island. My English is no good, but I´d like to show you some photos for your page. I hope that you like. Thanks you very much.”

Dog Day Afternoon

Cuteporter Kevin L. sent us this photo. “I was at the dog park and snapped possibly the cutest puppy ever. His name is Thomas.”


Psychiatric Case Profile

Subject, as a result of a traumatic incident at a petting zoo, is now convinced he is a sheep. After staff consultation, it was agreed that treatment should be delayed until we had enough wool for at least a couple of sweaters.

And Then There’s Walter

According to his hoomin Rob D, Walter is all growed up now. Check hovers for banal pithy commentary.








Blowin’ My Own Horn

Gather ’round, cool cats, and groovy chicks with ’em,
As I lay down a sound in syncopatin’ rhythm
Don’t play clarinet, don’t play trombone
My weapon of choice is an ice cream cone
The squares ask why, and I say “listen, fool,”
“To play hot licks, gotta keep your tongue cool.”

Via Kham Tran.


Shhhh. It’s too quiet. There! That! Yeah! Mah ears don’t hear anything. But mah wheeskaires do!

What was it, Square Pants Rudy? Maybe your buddies Coco, Tracy L. and Neith M., of Toronto know?

Now I Have to Find Dory?

Geez, things were just getting settled down after finding Nemo, and they’re telling me I gotta go out again? Haven’t any fish out there heard of GPS?

Via Josh-n.

Dobby, sir. Just Dobby. Dobby the house-corgi.

“Dobby sat with his great eyes fixed in an expression of watery adoration.”

Proud mama, Lee, tells us, “I am Dobby the Corgi’s proud human. He is indeed named after the beloved and noble house-elf of Harry Potter. I have documented the life and times of this stubbular fellow at Raising Dobby. (<- check it out! It’s really good!)

For Your Eyes Only

This one (including the great 007 title) is from Mary C., who tells us “This is Hattie. She has to watch me work. She is the official office cat. Animal Advocates adopted her.”


Oh yeah? Oh yeah?

You want bug eyes? I’ll show you bug eyes!

Via Daily Mail UK: “Kia, a Bonobo ape from Twycross Zoo, was rejected by her mother, but luckily found a friend in Bugsy the bulldog.”

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