A little late for ‘Tocktober, Max

We’ll take it, though.

Photo by Johanna Siegmann.

Instant Dogma’s Gonna Get’cha

As the title of this YouTube video reveals, this diligent cat burglar is about to learn that crime really does pay… somebody else.

Close Encounters of the Kitten Kind

Dooooo Deeeeee



We believe! We believe, Josh N., and Meizekatzen!

Google Debuts New Self-Walking Dogs


Today, Google announced an innovative new Self-Walking Dog program. Modeled in part on their ground-breaking self-driving cars, GPooch allows Googlers to become more productive by freeing up the time normally used to walk their dogs. Said a Google spokesbot; “Now, employees can simply boot up their SWD (Self-Walking Dog) and return to work without impacting deliverables.”

Via Petsami.

Is Your Nose Cold, Too?

Let me check…

This confirmation brought to you by Whiskey and Waves.

I Tapir at the Nose

And am spotted and striped to my toes.

Via Reddit

A Snorf-tastic Array of Nosicles

Eet’s Nosevember—you dig?

First nose by Jabryant76. Nose number two: Girl Who Knows Nothing. Third: Nadro J. Cote. Finally: Tracylee.

C’Mon Gramps, Put It In Gear!

Gears? There are gears?

Meg N. sent in Chaos the cat tailgating his pal Boulderdash, the sulcatta turtle.

Friday Haiku: Was It A Cat I Saw?

Window cat beside

Itself mirroring itself

Beside cat window

Usul catching some rays, or are the rays catching Usul, Nicolas B.?

But, Booooooosssss!

There is no way I have enough energy to finish all my work today. My zip is zapped.

Is it time to go home yet, Daily Picks and Flicks?


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