Snuggie Tug o’ War

Listen to me, Snuggie,  . . . You may battle and struggle, you may fight really hard, but know this my fleecy friend: I always get what I want. And what I want, is you. I will peek and poke and push and pull if I have to! Consider yourself warned.

Mrs. Lop Hophoperson via James P.’s Watch the Bunny

Yeah, I Got This…

I’ll just drag it out by… no, that end’s too big, maybe this… well, that’s kind of big, too… so maybe if I roll it… no, it’s kinda too lumpy for that…

OK, maybe I don’t got this.

Via basykes.

Are You Smarter than a Bunny?

A carrot stick of mass 0.10 kg is nommed at a velocity of MACH 0.1469 before coming to rest. How much cute is achieved?

Suneetra took a well deserved break from grueling medical studies to catch a cute pic of her bunny, Zippy Tunes, for CO. We wish you the very best for the MCAT, Suneetra! You are obviously a genius, and you have now earned your honorary C.D. (Cuteologist Degree).

CO/CSI Files: Ice Cream-Napping Swedish Duck

Amanda Z. was the victim of this drive-by fly-by ice cream-napping, so she fills us in. “Today me and my husband sat by the river in the sun, enjoying our first ice cream of the year. Then…a duck came along!”


“He tried to steal my ice cream, that cheap bastard! He only got a little nab of it, so he hovered away instead. Kind regards from Uppsala, Sweden.”


Maru Speaks!

In this latest edition of The World Belonging According to Maru, we actually get to hear The Big Fella speak- a rarity.


Keep on doing what you do, Mugumogu.

Chubbular Explosion!

You simply aren’t gonna believe the ‘tocks and roly-poly bumbling of these Prosh Little Chubsters. Click the video.

You know you want to.

Sent in by Cuteporter Cathy Z. “This video doesn’t belong to me, (thanks 2 Pet Collective) but it is too fluffy to pass up!!” Got that right.

Too Cute?

Not possible. No such thing.

Sherlock c/o Kelly H.

C.O. Music News

This week sees the long-awaited release of Long Faces, the ninth album from Høørses, Iceland’s premier emo/metal band.

Joining the band is new lead singer Hunke Funke, replacing founding member Ziggy Gaarblefaarb, fired by the band last year due to his addiction to sugar cubes.

Via winniepix.

Hi-Yo, Sorrel!




And away!

Sorrel, a two-day old miniature horse popped into the world last week at the Miniature Pony Center in Dartmoor, Devon. Daily Mail Photos (C) Richard Austin. Sent in by Janice P.

And Now, an Old Joke

Last night, I dreamt I was eating the largest marshmallow in the world, and when I woke up that morning, my pillow was gone!

Kissa eats a pillow, via selmerv.


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