Friday Haiku: Don’t Rush Me

You want a haiku?

I will try to think of one

I’m thinking  …thinking

This might be a good time to read War & Peace, Hotshotjen.


… Forty-six, forty-seven, forty-ten, fifty-eleven, sixty-purple…

(Bet they’re hiding in the kelp again. Well, that’s the only hiding place there is, so…)

Send In the Chub Patrol!

(cheesy 70’s cop-show disco music)

Who’s got fearsome rolls of fat,
Showin’ bad guys where it’s at?
♬ Chub Patrooooooooool! ♪

Cruisin’ in the Chubmobile,
Makin all the ladies squeal,
♫ Chub Patrooooooooool! ♩

Chub Patrol is an Emdot production.

That’s Not What I Meant!

When I said “Put me on Cute Overload,” I didn’t mean “Put me on Cute Overload on your computer,” I meant “Put me on Cute Overload on your computer!”

Amanda E. gave us the bird, and so can you.

Helloooo Altoona, Go Ahead!

With these whiskers I get free long distance!

This kitty thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers, Josh N.!

THIS JUST IN: Mini-Me(erkat)s!

The baby meerkats at West Midland Safari Park’s African Village are one year old now, but here’s what they looked like when they were a bit younger. Look sharp for major yawnage (0:30) and faw-down-go-boom action (0:48)!

How Hot Is It?

Missie sat down in the sun and her little butt made a big discovery. The sidewalk is HOT!

Missie got right up and wondered, which way to go, which way to go?

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! Halp! I am not in the mood for spontaneously combusting today!

Alyssa S. sent in these precious pics of Missie, her 9 week old (naturally) red Boston Terrier.
Remember to provide lots of fresh water for our furry friends!

An Important Safety Reminder from the Chimpopolis Municipal Zoo

The Human Habitat is a delicate reproduction of a real human ecosystem, from the days when humans inexplicably ruled Chimp Earth. While humans may seem docile and playful, they can become moody and enraged, especially after listening to talk radio. For your safety, do not taunt the humans or bang on the glass. Thank you.

What Are They Thinking?

Vote for your favorite answer or send us your own caption on Facebook.

We’re giving thanks for this submish, Doug V.

You See This Face?

This is the face of, “Who wants a warm, soggy, puppy schnuffle, pooch smooch?”

Kathy O. tells us this is Toad Alley Punkin’s Patootie, a French Bulldog puppy boy, and his eyes just opened.


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