Have We Got a Photo Ass-ignment For You

– literally! We like butt beds and we cannot lie. So why not send us your butt bed photo or YouTube video link to cuteoverload at gmail dot com! Maybe your butt bed will make CO a butt bedder place, awww.

“This is my husband and Maggie (our cat)…she loves him and clearly finds his butt comphy.” ~Shannon J. (Shannon I first read that as, “she finds his butt company.”)


Oh Sure, See This All The Time

Say you find yourself smack in the middle of Tirau, NZ, “a small town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand” according to Wikipedia. What are ya gonna do to pass the time? Maybe- check out these Sheep & Sheep Doggeh buildings. Whythehecknot.


These were built in the mid to late 1990’s. The Doggeh building is the Tirau i-SITE Visitor Centre.



They’re at 40 Main Road, Tirau.

Photo 1 by Interesting Buildings.com : Photo 2 and 3 from Strange Buildings.The Grumpy Old Limey.com. Photo 4 from Google Maps.

Welcome To Hov-Hov!

Hov-Hov is a bakery in Maribor, Slovenia, dedicated solely to doggehs! (Hoomins are welcome, but just to pay.) Hov-Hov means “Woof Woof” in Slovenian. Owner Nastja Verdnik creates all varieties of biscuits & muffins made just for canines.

New Fashion Accessory Down Undah

Add Koalas to your sox, slip on the boots, good to go.

From the Ireland B. Tumblr.

Bunday, Bunday. Baa daaa, ba, da da da

Every other day, (every other day), every other day of the week is fiiiiiine, yeah!

“Durham Humane Society photo shoot.” -Vanessa S.

Here We Go Again

“I was at a department store in Japan when they had a special on Animal Chocolates and the chef was there demonstrating her skill. You can pick 5 animals for about $15. I took a picture of a display showing cats. Too cute to eat! Thought I’d submit the photos after seeing Cat Donuts.” -Cuteporter Katy G., Huntington Beach, CA.



Meanwhile, in the Catcave…

From deep within his underground crimefighting lair, billionaire genius Felix Flugelhorn, AKA The Catman, scans the city with his ultrasonic surveillance eavesdropper, which is totally not creepy when a superhero does it.

All seems calm, when… Hark! A jewelry store robbery by that master arch villain, The Podriatrist! Wasting no time, Catman summons his youthful sidekick, Labrat!

Top Photo: “Here is Schubert wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask,” says Melanie H. “He could be thinking, ‘Hmmmm. I could join my fellow ninjas in a booyaka showdown… or I could just… take a… nap…'”

Bottom Photo: No idea.

How Darth Vader And Doggehs Are Alike

But I’ll bet Lord Vadah doesn’t like bellah rubs.

From Dog House Diaries.com.

Is It Bunday Already?

Making weekends more disapproval-ous, one Bunday at a time.


“We’ve had a bumper crop of bunneh’s in the garden this summer. (A literal Cute Overload). I found this little fluffster trying to hide in the grass, and my wife Diane just had to pick him/her up. Although CLEARLY disapproving of being handled by a giant Smurf glove, teh bun-meister was pretty chill about the whole experience, and hopped off to munch on some yummy clover after it was all over.” -Jeff H.

(Say Like Col. Klink:) “Hogannnnnnn!!”

You’re definitely our Hero.

From Petiquette Dog Dot Com.