Get Up, Everyone! It’s Toesday!

I realize it’s Toesday. But instead of getting up, I propose taking a nap.

Spotted on Kristin R.’s (MHS ’78) FB page.


Don’t Have a Cow, Man. Have Three.

Holy three headed Greek mythological creature, Batman! Triplet calves! Warm up the defibbermathingy, we are not equipped to handle this!

“Farmer Jon Appleby got the surprise of his career one week ago, when triplet calves were born on his farm in Wirral, England.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” the 44-year-old veteran farmer told of the rare phenomenon. “It was quite a shock.” When the cow went into labor, Appleby stayed close by for the first two births, then left, assuming the excitement was over. He returned an hour later, only to find one more baby by her side. “We’ve never had triplets before.”

Twins are somewhat common among bovine births, triplets and quadruplets are estimated at approximately 1 in 100,000 births.

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Milo Shows Us How A Baroo Is DONE

Never seen it executed quite so well. Tens across the board from ALL judges! Amazink!

Go, Milo, go.

Archie D. Livin’ Large In The Big Apple

Don’t let the A-Man’s small size fool ya. According to Submitter Gabrielle O., “Archie Davis lives in NYC and enjoys life to the fullest!” Photographer: Proud Mom Sinead.






THIS JUST IN: First Family Welcomes Second Puppeh (Updated!)

President Obama and his family have a new Portuguese Water Dog named Sunny, joining their other Portuguese, Bo. The official White House site says “In honor of Sunny, the Obamas are making a donation to the Washington Humane Society.”
@FLOTUS tweeted, “So excited to introduce the newest member of the Obama family—our puppy, Sunny!”

Updated! Where does Sunny rank on the list of the World’s Most Powerful Puppehs? Glad ya asked.



Official White House Photos by Pete Souza + hovers via

I’m Never Staying at This Hotel Again

Tried to save money by staying in one of those budget “pod” hotels. Big mistake! The walls are flimsy, and the monkeys upstairs kept me up all night!

Tina O. writes: “‘The Dude’ keeping warm for his first doctor visit. He was 4-6 weeks old, had not eaten in three days, and only 11 oz. Oh, and blind. He now knows every inch of his house, and is 9.5 pounds! He loves his groceries!”

Turn Up The Speaks, To Hear The Squeaks!

Zookeepers in Taipei introduce month-old bebeh panda Yuan Zai to its mom.



Photos from Taipei Zoo/HuffPost. Submitted by Anna C. and many a Cuteporter.

Poll: Name This Santa Cruz Sea Otter!

“Ran into an otter at the Santa Cruz wharf today and filmed it lounging, stretching, grooming, and just generally being adorable. It was hanging out on the same wooden platform as a bunch of sea lions. (Since it’s not my pet but rather an adorable stranger, I’ll leave it up to you to give him a cute name if you end up posting this.) -Melissa G.

YAY 4 World Orangutan Day

These shaggy furheads need our loff n’ support. Here’s where you can provide both. Give ’em a tweet, too!

Photo is © Orangutan Outreach. Thanks go to John N. for the alert.

Brother Cream: Today HK, Tomorrow The World (Updated!)

That’s this kittehs name! Tsim Tung Brother Cream, or just Brother Cream for short. He resides in a convenience store in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, with his hoomin who runs the place. Naturally, he’s got his own book out with the requisite hysteria! Check here for more on BC. (PS- Good LUCK if you can find that book- I had Google on its KNEES, and nada.)

Update! Cuteporter Goozak found it! “Google Image search is your friend. I isolated the picture of the cover in the article and Ta-Dah!” Goozak, I bow to your Googley Greatness.


According to the South China Morning Post, “The famous cat and his black and white partner, Sister Cream, are usually to be found at Bee Ko Chee-shing’s store in the South Seas Centre.”


“Ko said part of the revenue Brother Cream made would go to charities that help stray animals.”


All photos from FB. Thanks to Cuteporter edmundh for the teep.