Where Every Day is Caturday

…on Tashirojima, or “Cat Island”, in Japan (natch).

It all started way back when mice ate the silkworms being raised to make silk, so the farmers brought in a few cats.

Then, fishermen noticed they were able to make weather forecasts based on the cat’s behavior and considered cats good luck.

The cat population is now larger than the human population (around 100 peeps, number of kittehs unknown) on the island.

The human residents of Cat Island have a special reverence for cats, as you can see from their Island Shrine…

…and architecture

And apparently Mother Nature does too because, though it could have been a (coff)cat-astrophe(coff), all the cats are safe after the recent earthquake and tsunami.

In Japan, cats really do bring good fortune!

Thanks to alert reader Josh N. for pointing out this place exists. Cat Island Facts and Hover-factoids by Wikipedia. Kittens out and about and on the pier at the beginning and end of the post are by Yugoroyd. Cat Shrine images via Tofugu TV. Purrfect architecture by Hirano Sui and Yugoroyd. Want more? Visit the Japanese blog about island fishing and daily life. Hai!

Puppy Talks in Sleep, Hearts Captured

Well, that’s adorabuhls.

Via TeddyHilton.com

I Lof Dees Feme Park so Moshe!

I lof all dee wides here! I lof Oscar’s Spinning Garbage Cans, Big Bird’s Hang Gliders, and Elmo’s Tickle Coaster! But my favowite wide is Bert N’ Ernie’s Battling Bumper Cars!

Can we go again, Daddy, can we, huh?

We must have those slippers, Julia M.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

First the bad news: You seem to have a fuzz ball stuck in your zipper.
Now the good news: For five bucks I’ll be happy to remove it for you.

Meet Dennis, Emma B.’s zippurr zombie.

[And now meet Emma, who likes Tim Gunn, wee Dennis and something on toast.]

Get offa my lawn!

Woah! I am the keeper of this fine fescue grassland if ya don’t mind! Ya dadblamed whippersnapper!

Hey, come back. I’m not done with you. Hmph! Oh lookie a worm.

Loraine H. says, “This is Aureliano Auditore, the baby mockingbird we rescued from our backyard.”

The Magic of 3-D Schnozz-O-Vision!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in Cute Overload history, we present a post using a revolutionary new “glasses free” 3-D technology! That’s right — just sit back and brace yourself for breathtaking lifelike in-your-face 3-D realism!

Whoa! It’s coming straight for you! You folks in the front rows might want to duck!

Mr. Bart looks adorable in all dimensions, Tati S.

School’s Out For Hamster!

Yesss! I see The Last Day of School on my calendar. We learned so much we get the summer off. I hope the teacher keeps studying. Then maybe she’ll ask less questions next year!

Minju is very classy, Juliana W.

This Week, on The Guiding Leash

Horst reveals to Ophelia that, due to a series of clerical mishaps, he is his own daughter. Meanwhile, the ruthless Ruth Less tightens her grip on the family’s vast cotton-candy plantations. And in a motel across town, the love triangle between Mark, Bob, and Zelda takes a shockingly literal turn…

I swear, Amy F., the filth on TV these days… Pass me another bonbon, willya?

Meanwhile, at the Hopi Birdsong Holistic Rebirthing Retreat in Tuba City, AZ…

“… and now that we have attached the mystic Flower of Power to your authentic hand-woven sacred Navajo spirit transmutation vessels, we are ready to perform the chant that will initiate our journey of enlightenment. Ommmmmmmm…

Another quality link foraged among the Saguaro Cacti by Ant.

I Just Have That Kind of Face, I Guess

“The trouble with being a Basset Hound and looking sad all the time is that the folks can’t tell when you just look sad and when you really are sad. Like when everyone else gets hamburgers and I get stuck with yesterday’s kibble.”

Aww, can I share with him, Alexis M?


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