Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue

Mr. McMunkersons runs Old Glory up the pole for Flag Day.

Photo by Betsy Seeton.

Friday Haiku: Mr. Tiny

Tiny is the frog
Goes about his normal day
Then he meets Penny


“I found this little guy after a big rain while I was walking down the street. He is smaller than a dime! His name is “Mr.Tiny.” Note: We let him go in a moist area where he could survive easily after we took a few pictures.” -Cuteporter Pennymoon

Boop Dreams

Pssst! Over here, peeps! Now’s your chance. Go ahead and boop their noses while they’re sleepin’. Boop, boop, boop.



“I took this at the Hawaii Aquarium yesterday. A 4 year old Monk seal having a snooze.” –Scott L.
“Meet our 5 month old French bulldog puppy, Rocky!” -Veronica
“My name is Scout and I’m a rescue kitten! I’m super cute to look at, and I love to pee in shoes. My new mom took some pictures of me, and I really want to be famous. meow. Please consider me to overload people with cuteness…” Katie C.

How Do You Do, Pepé Le Pew?

O YAY It’s National McSkunkersons Day!

Peanut and His Corn from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

Sweetest Orphaned Baby Skunklet from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

Oreo Explores the Coast and Canyon Yard from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

National Skunk Day! from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

Vimeo clips c/o Kimberly of Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation.

OK, The Intertubes Can Go To Sleep Now


From the DF&P FB.

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do when these guys come for you?


Serious looking meerkat bebehs as seen on the Daus Of Pix. Title from COPS.

The Cat Whooshperer

What do you get when you mix CO and CO2?

“My kitty can opener. This is Osiris, one of three cats in our house. He’s never shown interest in cans before and may never again! (Don’t worry, he was just surprised and went back to being a lazy cat immediately after this happened.)” -Rin

Stop! In The Name Of Moo.

And yes, I’ve “got milk,” -like I haven’t heard that before. Now don’t bother me, I’m directing traffic. Both of ’em straight out means “Hold it, pardner.”

Red this one.

What is the Secret to Loff Everlasting?

Primping and combing and fluffing and spiffing him up and letting him wear his favorite old gray sweater with the patches on the elbows.

Fave Flirty Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.59.42 PM
“Hi Cute Overload! These are my birds, Tina and Alex. They have been together for 15 years and still love each other as much as the day they met. Here is a video of them in the midst of an adorable make-out session!” –Annika H.

I Come From A Land Down Under

So you’re getting ready to go to work, and all of a sudden WHOOPS look who comes wobblin’ THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.

Welcome to the world of Alicia A. in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Oh, but she’s not done yet. She had a backyard visitor too, who was anxious to get his drink on. And drink he did.

And drink.

And drink.


Story from DP&F who found it here. Title from Men At Work.


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