Why I Oughta!

A wise guy, eh? Yer really gettin’ on my noives! What’s the big idea? That’s it! Stick ’em up!

This little killdeer chick is one tough customer, Paula P.

I Have Nothing to Wear!

Why, Ms. Axolotl, at least you’re sporting the cutest hat for your CO debut!

Oh, this little thing? It’s for taking out the garbahj. I wouldn’t want to ruin any of my good hats.

Submitted by Fiona V., who wants to raise awareness about Axolotls, only the cutest amphibians ever, which happen to be critically endangered and near extinction in the wild.


Get over me, hon. I’m way outta your league.

Ron S., it looks like Bella is having a little talk with Snickers. Hope Snickers took it well.


So, Mister Powers — you may have defeated my FemBots, and you might have survived my vat of angry sea bass, but now at last you must withstand — The Cackling of Ultimate Bone-Chilling Terror!

EXTRA HAPPY BONUS FUN: Play both of these clips together! DOOO EEET!

Dog Save the Queen

Let it be hereby decreed, Corgis are cute! Anyone who says otherwise shall be banished from the kingdom forevah!

Also, Corgis are royal, and you are not.

A spot of tea and thee.

I say rathah cute don’t you think. Quite, quite.





Cheers to all our British peeps celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee! These crowning moments were brought to you by Getty Images, Andrew C./AFP, and Kim S., who says Sookie the pup isn’t really sad, she just looks that way…

The Cutest Sounds

Ant brings us the vocal stylings of baby sloths.

Fave Frame™

True Cute Confessions

What cute confessions does your heart long to reveal? OK, I’ll start.

When my cat sleeps in the middle of the driveway, (shhh, looking over shoulder) I park at the bottom and walk up.

Your turn! Time to spill the cute!

Thanks for sharing, Astronomr.

A Hostel Environment

From The C.O. Travel Guide: Backpacking across Europe this summer? When in France, be sure to stay at La maison de chien, a charming villa on the Rue de McClanahan in Montdelegg, just steps* from the Metro. (*specifically, 742 steps.)

Christine Y. says: “Hope this picture of my furry babies in their beds is cute enough to make it onto your website. My tri-colored chihuahua Gizmo made it on a few years ago! He was wearing Mickey Mouse socks. :) Names of babies from closest to furthest: Gizmo, Cinderella, Babypops.”

Dog Décor

Mr. Leroy Fluffy Pants demonstrates how stripes, patterns and unusual color combinations can really pull a room together.

When can we expect the Dog Decor book by Mr. Leroy Fluffy Pants, Laura O.?

He’s Not Here

Sorry, Mr. Schnozzlewozzle is out of the office on important business this afternoon. Would you like to leave a message?

Toby has awesome work habits, Sarah L.


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