THIS JUST IN: The Pomeranian Conga

Now, with 600 percent MORE POODLES!

Pomeranrian-Cong via my other favorite site, DListed :)

In one stroke, I will pet them all!

According to Sender-Inner LalaLaurie, the ‘one-stroke pet’ set off a chain-reaction of purrs. They stirred and stretched then assumed their positions and drifted off again.

Don’t Forget! The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is always on the hunt for good people in the Seattle/Tacoma area to adopt foster kittles.

Halt! Who Goes There!

Not to be outdone by the Fire Hydrant Squad and the Front Porch Sentries, Pvt. Maverick and Pvt. Sidekick formed the Special Forces Fence Unit. Even when hopelessly outnumbered they have valiantly defended Fort Picket night and day against fierce turtle campaigns, commando cats, and brash pigeon legions. Ooooooh!

Why can’t we all have Red Pandas as pets?

Now that spring is here, let’s take one last look back at winter with these two red pandas going completely nuts (with double “coming to get YOOOU” action at 0:21).

This Wacky Winter Wonderland brought to you by Arlo R.

A Chocolips Now

Death By Chocolate Lab. Looks like nothin’ but truffle.

How about a chocolate kiss, Mango.

THIS JUST IN: Knut wallpapers to remember him by :(

Consistently redonk Sender-Inner Brinke McBrinkersons has sent in two wallpapers for you to enjoy of our dearly departed Knut bear:

Choose Standard size
(5120 by 3840 pixels) or

(5120 by 3200 pixels)

Thank you, Brinkie.

Captain’s Log, Final Entry

Stardate 6134.32: The engine repairs are nearly complete, but a complication has arisen. A pair of indigenous creatures have been sighted approaching our ship.

As the massive beasts roar menacingly, the crew scrambles to finish the repairs. Even if we could only restore impulse power, that would be enough to…

Too late! Hull breaches in sections C, D and F! My brave crew is tossed about like playthings, but refuse to leave their posts… Damage reports pouring in…

Now the second beast is joining the attack… My god, they’re tearing the ship to pieces… no hope of escape… all hands, abandon ship, prepare to jettison log… To whoever… finds this message… recommend full posthumous honors for… for all crew memb… xXxx@@rtT)Tqkl%jh +++++++++ TRANSMISSION ABORTED

Rani (macaw) and Kaley (Corgi) by Sandra Chow of SanSanParrots.

With This Frog, I Thee Wed…

To have and to hold (carefully),
To love, honor and obey,
To make lots of “squee!” noises at,
To feed lots of munchy little flies,
Until we both shall croak.

Writes Mia D.: “During rice planting season in Japan, we’d come home and find these guys in our apartment on the walls! *Squeals*” Photo by Brian.

TV Guide Dogs

Beeg Dogue: Mon petit ami, voulez-vous watchez le TV?

Squeehuahua: Yo quiero un caballero western movie. Si! Si!

Beeg Dogue: Oui! The French Chef it IS!

Cute Overload Xtreme TV Guide Dog Close-Up:

Who hogs the remote at your house, Kris?

Appetoezers Anyone?

Need a party-worthy snack in a pinch when unexpected guests drop in unexpectedly? Simple yet sensational.

Just don’t mention the 5-second rule, Martha.


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