Breaker, Breaker, Li’l Buddy

Yee-up, you can have your nine-to-five behind a desk. Give me the open road — Waylon Jennings on the 8-track, a semi full of walnuts to haul to Boise, catching a quick meal at the rest stop… Man, that’s the life for me.

Oops, we forgot to tip a COXCU!

A veritable oasis indeed, Zachary E.

What… Is… This… Thing?

It’s just stuck here on my face, and it keeps trying to crawl into my mouth! It’s like, gross, get it offa me! Maybe if I step on it it’ll leave me alo — OWWWW!

Wonder Dog

Sometimes, I wonder… why am I here… what is my purpose… where am I going… what’s in it for me?

Just one of life’s little mysteries, Mugsy and Cassie T.

Ellrod Blaartz, Dachshund of Destiny!

Yes, that is I. Author, model, scientist, notorious Bridge cheat, breaker of hearts, loved by legions, tamed by none. Where will you find Ellrod Blaartz? In the salons of Paris? The jungles of Costa Rica? The drive-thru at Wendys? Ellrod Blaartz cannot say.

Hello again. As you see, I have changed from my formal tunic of destiny into my casual T-shirt of destiny. This brings Ellrod Blaartz the comfort he deserves, and gives his many admirers a better look at my flawless coat.

So fierce, Soggydan.

A Study in Contrasts

On one side of the glass, sleepy baby pandas. On the other, thronging tourist panda-monium. I think we all know which side we’d rather be on, eh?

And Now, Today’s Geometry Lesson from Professor Thistle

Hello, class. In today’s lesson, we will unravel that most fascinating of shapes: The Möbius strip! This paradoxical surface has only one side, which I shall demonstrate by contorting my body like so… (nrrrgh!)

I said (ehn!)… contorting my (hrrrgh!)… body, like (urrnph!)… so…

Nicole H. explains: “What she is actually doing is self-anointing, a hedgehog behavior that is truly bizarre, and slightly disturbing, to watch. Sooo cute how she can contort her body though!”

Baby Nala: The Cutest McMonkersons you will ever see






So what’s the story? Frisky Sender-Inner Amelia says that according to owner Jennifer H.; Nala, a black Capuchin monkey was born April 25th. While a sanctuary is built for her, she lives in Vegas with a caring family. Nala helps two autistic boys and so far things are going great. Nala was not purchased at a pet store but rescued from a Veterinarian. Extensive, special training is required to care for Nala. To learn more about Nala check out her website!  See more Nala insanity (in movie form) here.

I Know You’re Just Dying to Meet Me

Good evenink. Velcome, velcome to my pawlour, do come in. Oh yez, but vere are my mannerz?
Allow me to introduce myzelf. (castle thunder)

They  call me,
The Paw Bearer!
(lightning flash-KaBoom!)

Hair raising Loki, is urning his keep Silvia from Spain.

I Know You’re Here Somewhere!

Come out, come out wherever you are! (singsong)

Fifi, by the gleam in your eyes, we’ve met our demise. Fifi, Chinese hamster, sent in by Agnes Z., from Poland.

Meanwhile, at Bob and Helen’s Annual Halloween Kitten-Tasting Party…

“… but when they hit the teenage years, Carl, that’s the worst. Bethany, our oldest, came home with a piercing on her shell, and Helen almost blew her lid straight to the ceiling. And now — can you believe this kid? — she wants to get her nose re-carved! All the girls are doing it, she says. Six grand it would cost me! So I tell her… Oh, careful with the dark ones, Carl, they’re kinda bitter… So I says to her…”

(BLEEEAARGH! Yeah, I see what he means!)

Simply lovely party, Alisha V.


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