Zero The Nosevember Hero

Sender-Inner Sheila S tells us about this Redonk Nose Pose:

When I saw the post about Nosevember I just knew you needed this photo! This is our greyhound, Zero (named after the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas) on vacation on a beach in Oregon. Thanks for all the cuteness!

Totally our pleasure, Sheila.

I’ll See Your Self-Walking Dog…

… and raise you the amazing Quantum Pug, who can not only float up stairs, but can generate an Infinitely Looping Time/Space Recursion Field!

Got Meelks?

They wouldn’t give me a bottle of Bud so thees ees gonna hafta do.


Via the Alaska SeaLife Center Facebookster.

Ees Thees Left Toin Or Right Toin Signal?

Ah cain’t evah tell. But ah nose that you stick out your tongue to signal STOP!

Got Attacked again.

Flim Flam Flamingo

The flamingo is a lofty bird, famous for showy bright pink plumage, and is easily recognized by its very impressive beak.

Enzo the schnozzo, erm, the greyhound, schnozz0graphed by Shubbe

Fall Back (to sleep!)

Sleppeh sea lions everywhere agree, Daylight Savings Time has its advantages.

♪ ♫ ♪  Oh Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream… ♪ ♫ ♪ Via WWF.

Tookus, Tush, Tuffit? Nope.

Buuutt, Boooooty, Booottooommmm, Buuunnnns, Buuummmmmperrr? Gah.

Hey! ‘Tocks! ‘Tocks! ‘Tocks, ‘tocks, ‘tocks! What ever you call it, sometimes it ITCHES!

Maybe it’s the salve on rear itch, Petsami.

A little late for ‘Tocktober, Max

We’ll take it, though.

Photo by Johanna Siegmann.

Instant Dogma’s Gonna Get’cha

As the title of this YouTube video reveals, this diligent cat burglar is about to learn that crime really does pay… somebody else.

Close Encounters of the Kitten Kind

Dooooo Deeeeee



We believe! We believe, Josh N., and Meizekatzen!


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